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  1. new strut mount question

    I have a 21' Dayruiser, and I'm going to have a strut built. The #'s on the current bronze strut are 212-10. I assume this is a 10 degree strut? I'd like to duplicate the current strut and not have to drill a new shaft hole, but if it is truly a 10 degree, I think I'll want to change the...
  2. Strut for Sale

    Parts for Sale
    I have a nice 9° used strut for sale. It looks very similar to the RBR,. Cole/Canyon copies, that's my guess. 1-1/8 barrel size. $400. OBO buyer pays shipping. Call or text for additional pics, measurements, questions. Nick 918-801-2212. Having problems loading the pics and will have my Son...
  3. Hondo in /out handle rayson strut

    Parts for Sale
    HANDLES $50 EACH HONDO HANDLE $100 I DONT WANNA SELL IT PRICE..........ok i will do $100 shipped​...............................sold RAYSON STRUT $40 951 870-6910 TEXT IS BEST..............OR PM ME...............
  4. carbon fiber wing strut

    Other Stuff for Sale
    spitzer new carbon fiber wing strut (garlits single upright style) never used 350.00 can send text pics 928 566 4104
  5. Drop in strut please..

    Getting ready to fab my drop in strut mount and plan the install. Would really appreciate some pics and ideas for a mount and brace. One question I have is how much of the top of the strut do you guys see as enough above the inside of the boat? I planned on 1-1/2" but the hull turned out to be a...
  6. Custom 7.5 degree prop strut

    Parts for Sale
    Hello, I have a two piece steel strut for sale. I built this out of structural I-beam to eliminate the failure prone weld at the plate. The main web is 0.739" thick and the base is milled true at 0.500". The barrel is bored for 1 3/8" bushings to run 1" and larger shafts. As you can see it is...
  7. Other drop thru strut

    Parts for Sale
    flat bottom 1in drop thru used with mount 200.00 plus ride 928 566 4104
  8. [SOLD] Drop thru steel strut $275

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  9. [Question] Whats everyone using to seal strut to bottom

    Been a while ive always used 2 part apoxy back in the day BETWEEN THE STRUT AND BOTTOM OF BOAT.. SHAFT LOG AND HULL ALSO
  10. Strut Bushing

    Who do you guys use to replace strut bushing in Parker area. Thanks Rich
  11. NEED a Lindell 10 degree strut 1" shaft

    Parts for Sale
    Mine is broke and bent. Has a 7 3/4" barrell 1" shaft.Thanks JOHN SR
  12. Lindell 10 degree v drive strut 1" shaft

    Need one mine is broke and bent,looking for the same kind. I believe if I use different make I would have to re-drill holes.7 3/4 barrell Thanks JOHN SR
  13. 10 degree strut with 9 degree whip strut?

    I removed my whip strut to change the bushing. I hadn't noticed before but it is marked 9 degree. My strut is marked 10 degree. It has been like this for 49 years. I would have assumed they should both be the same degree. Any thoughts?
  14. Sanger Strut Brace/battery relocation project

    User "How To" Section
    Was searching for a strut brace for my Sanger and decided to make one, and even though it isn't a show piece(check out the strut brace picture thread, OMG there are some beautiful ones).. it fills the fit and function part of the bill.. Couldn't find any 3x5 locally, but a buddy had a stick of...
  15. WTB Strut brace/Sanger

    Parts for Sale
    Keep an eye out for a strut brace and brackets to fit a Sanger Flat.. 25 1/2"- 26" used, but not full of remounted holes from other installs.. polished or anodized, it doesn't matter.. fit and function over "show stuff" is preferred($$), let me know please.. Ken Prefer PM, but txt OK @...
  16. prop shaft strut bearings

    Where do I get new bearings? What material? 1.5" prop shaft. This is for a hydro. Thank to Rattle Can Lou for the use of his drill. Actually a modified 1" prop shaft. Made my own bit as his was too little. Now I need to replace the shaft bearings and start drilling more holes. Jerry
  17. keeping a strut bushing in place!

    Looking for advise. The aqua-lube bushing that is in my prop support strut keeps coming dis-lodged and slides down the shaft when I am running. I recently replaced the bushing with a new piece and snugged it into to support. It was not super-tight, but it was not falling-out loose either...
  18. Steel Strut 7.5 degree

    Parts for Sale
    Strut out of my Hondo T-Deck Runner. I believe this is one of the Metler struts. 7.5 degree for 1" prop shaft. Base size is standard 4" wide x 10". $325 Chris 949.433.4420
  19. [Video] How To Videos for strut bearing replacement

    How To Videos for strut bushing replacement A few videos I made over the weekend..... Here's the first half of project. shows taking everything apart.
  20. Tight strut bushings...

    So I'm doing a pre-season freshen up on the Bezer and strut bushings were on the list. Pulled the old ones out, knocked in some new ones in and the shaft fit is pretty tight. Normally I like the bushings snug but I can push the prop shaft in with my foot. With these I had to tap it in with a...