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  1. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Hi DLB crew...... I have a set of like new 2-10" JL subs model M10IB5 for sale 500.00 OBO. I don't come on here much but did post on FB DLB page too, you can email me at [email protected] Thanks
  2. Other Stuff for Sale
    I have two never used and still in the box Alpine type R 10" subwoofers. $110 each $200 for the pair. I will post pictures ASAP. Subs are located in Lake Havasu City.
  3. Other Stuff for Sale
    Decided to clean out the garage, need to sell several sub cabinets and amps. Also have a bunch of heavy gauge power wire for amps, RCA cables, etc.etc... (just to clarify, I work at a wrecking yard and get first pick when cars come in, this is all legal property!) -- All prices are OBO...
  4. Audio
    So...I was thinking about about putting a couple free air subs in my boat - looking specifically at the MX-series infinite baffle JL Audios...are these good; or am I better off with a boxed sub?
  5. Audio
    has anyone put any sub into the bulkhead under the bow? If so, how did they sound in an open boat like that. Is there any reason not to put one into that wall/support? Thanks
  6. Audio
    I've got a freind that is looking at running 4 of the 10" JL Audio free air subs because 2 different stereo shops told him to use them, but neither one of us have ever heard them. Are any of you guys running them? What do you think about them? Anyone how of a place in Socal where they have a...
  7. Audio
    Hey guys I was into car audio when I was younger and haven't had a "system" in one of my vehicles for a while so not to familiar with doing up a boat except for our old mastercraft prostar 190. First thing is I just bought a 1998 shockwave 2500S open bow mid cuddy and it still has the four stock...
  8. PB Open Water
    We tried them out a couple of days ago, now I'm pretty particular about subs, especially Italian style and I gotta given their due, dog gone good IMO, about the best I've had for a true Italian sub up here. Wife had the pastrami and said it was good also. They are on the south side next to the...
  9. Audio
    So I see a lot of boats with subs mounted on panels or under seats without boxes.. What kind of subs are these? Are they any good?
  10. Audio
    Amp is a Directed Electronics D2205 Subs are Focal KX33 What do you guys recommend?
  11. Other Stuff for Sale
    I got 4 ten inch subs out of my truck that were used for about a month. They are the Arc series 10D4 I paid 600 looking for around 400. I will be in Havasu this weekend so I can deliver if anyone needs me to:)devil
  12. Audio
    Does any one have any experience with the Clarion CMSW10.1s? I am in the middle of redoing my interior and wanted to add 2 subs. I plan on running these off of a Kicker MX 700.5. I know they are intended for free air applications but, my mounting situation will require them to be in a sealed...
  13. Audio
    Need some more help: Since I'm replacing the sub boxes I was thinking if I should go with 2 12" subs in lieu of the 4 10" subs I am running now. The real dilemma is that the 10" subs are Marine grade and have been down firing and have been exposed to water since they are in the back of the boat...
1-13 of 13 Results