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  1. BBC camshaft suggestions

    So I'm pretty close to start throwing together my new motor for the Sanger, I've got everything but the cam, lifters, timing setup and intake. I have a couple ideas on a cam but I figured I'd see what you all think, or suggest. As far as intake goes, its going to be a dual plane, whatever I can...
  2. [Question] Getting a Boat and need advice please?

    PB Open Water
    I am looking at Performance Boats for use in Lake Michigan, Around New Orleans and Florida; Maybe California as well as Havasu and everywhere else I guess in the world. I do not know what the upkeep would be and don't know if a Performance Boat will be the right boat for me. I am looking at...
  3. [Question] suggestions on stringer/Hull fix

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a 1984 Sleek Craft Kauai I have been working on. 454, Berkeley jet 12JC-A. original 1/4 stringers. Due to a poor trailer design it has developed a hook in the hull. Starting from about 4' from transom running up to about 10'. The peak of the hook on the port side is about 1/4" deep. On...
  4. Dominator throttle/return spring setup.. suggestions?

    Dominator throttle/return spring setup, Sanger build.. Putting together a 4500 Holley/Single plane Team G on the BBC and need suggestions on a plate or some kind of bracket to connect the throttle and a return spring.. found plenty of Pull type brackets but none for a push deal... any help is...
  5. BBF Motor Build- Suggestions

    Jet Boats
    19' Taylor SS jet boat that will run an Aluminum impeller. Impeller will be selected based on motors torque curve after build. I have the block torn apart at the machine shop. Trying to decide on compression ratio and cam for my setup to get it close to 500hp as possible. 500hp is not my goal...
  6. Suggestions Needed - Lifting Rings

    PB Open Water
    Instead of the standard 316 U bolts on the back of a transom I wanted to do something different. I'd like to do true lifting rings. I would think that they would be somewhat like a flat stock piece that then transitions to an eye of some sort. This way, in combination with a lifting ring on...
  7. Interior Suggestions

    PB Open Water
    I recently purchased a 24ft DCB Extreme closed bow. It has the standard layout under the bow with an area to lay down in the front and 2 seats facing each other. As I expected, do to lack of headroom the 2 seats are pretty useless except for the dog. Both seats can easily be removed with 4...
  8. 2015 Parker Rules suggestions

    Outboard Church
    This year we have Dave Rankin in charge :yes: The Outboards have Greg Foster to represent us. A world class racer and multi class winner and King at Parker Please leave your comments, concerns and suggestions to grow the Green Class field.
  9. Water ski racks for a flat- suggestions and ideas wanted!

    Hey gusy. We just picked up a new flatty we're going to use for waterskiing pretty much exclusively. Not that we really needed another boat but the deal would have made even Mouser proud :D. I want to make it the ultimate ski machine. The one problem with these boats as we all know is storage...
  10. [Question] Boat Transport Suggestions

    Moving from Western NY to SLC at the end of the month. Looking for shipping suggestions to move to flats and a sports car? (Hopefully with one hauler / one trip) Ive seen the wedge style transport trailers that might be able to accomodate the load... Just looking for suggestions or...
  11. E85 spark plug suggestions?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a 13:1 452 BBC, 049 iron heads, Mark Sullens E85 carbs converted 850 DP. Any suggestions on spark plugs and heat ranges? Would like to run NGK and need an NGK number. Thanks, Jason
  12. carb suggestions for my motor

    GN7 On the Dyno
    looking for suggestions guys i have a 468 bbc 10.5-1 msd ignition 305 h hydraulic cam, turns 6000 rpm has a weiand tunnel ram running two 750 dp's now think i may be over carbed, motor is in my jet boat, i had a guy tell me 600 vacuum secondaries what do you guys think?
  13. Prop Suggestions?

    Hi All, I just built a new engine and have done some testing with it, it is a vortec 350 with a smaller cam (224/224 .503/503 @ 1.5) and this thing seems to run really well. It is is a 1980 Bahner 20' sport cruiser with a MC-1 drive. I know im overkill for the drive i just want to get through...
  14. looking for hull suggestions

    Jet Boats
    Looking for ideas on building a sleeper ri er boat. Something fairly cheap go start with. I don't want a pickle, but was thinking something more traditional like a spectra 19, careers eclipse or Rogers hull. I also like crusader tunnel bottoms but don't know much about them. Looking to put a big...
  15. [Question] need some help or suggestions on recovering money and or property in Roseburg,Or.

    West Coast - North
    greeting fellow boaters, I have been around V-drive boats most of my life, I started handing wrenched into flatbottom boats to my dad at the age of 6, some 47 years ago. I have always trusted people to do the right thing, and I have treated people as I want to be treated. I have done business...
  16. Valve cover breather suggestions

    Well I just bolted on my new set of stainless valve covers. They look too good to drill holes in. I know I have to. But I would like to order breathers ASAP just don't know what style to use. Would like something that looks half decent
  17. TX20 bottom? suggestions?

    Jet Boats
    Picked up this tx20 and noticed the bottom had some steps cut into it. Anyone know why? I attached 2 pics
  18. [Question] where to camp on the delta? open to suggestions!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    First things first; this is Brad (son of rick) I am trying to set up a camping trip with a bunch of friends! We originally wanted to go to orwood and camp there but they no longer allow tents and they have restrictions on the age of the camping trailer. I am looking for other options...
  19. Wireless internet suggestions?

    PB Open Water
    Looking to have wireless internet at the races this year. Streaming netflix etc. Saw Virgin and Cricket as no contract and 100ish $$ modem cost . Don't have an expensive phone plan to setup a hot spot. Suggestions?
  20. Suggestions on balancer clearance problems

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hi, I Have a chevy engine (Race) that was built to run direct drive from the snout of the crank (Hydroplane). My setup will have the gearbox running off the flywheel end with engine opposite way round. Here is the problem, It has a cam driven dry sump pump that doe's not allow enough room for a...