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  1. 3rd annual Summer Run Disco to The Point

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    8/24/19 for a lunch run to the Point. Meet at the Disco light house 10:30am.
  2. Summer Run...Saturday 8/11/18

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Meeting up @ Disco Bay Light House at 10:30am. Stop by Rusty for stragglers and on to The Point for lunch. We have set up lunch reservations for 1:00pm.
  3. Roll Call - Dog & Andy's End Of Summer V-Drive Get Together

    Dog & Andy need a head count for BBQ for the V-Drive Get Together. Please put your name, and how many people, on the list if you plan on attending so they can have enough food. All the details are in the photo below. Feel free to ask any questions. Roll Call for Dog & Andy's End Of...
  4. Jocko's Summer Sale - 25 items!! Check it out!

    Parts for Sale
    I have a sickness.....I buy boat parts sometimes when I don't even need them, lol! Building two project v-drives right now and need 'other' parts, so this stuff needs to go. All of my parts are good quality and are ready for your use. The prices are all + shipping costs. If you have questions...
  5. End of summer v-drive get-together

    NEW DATE - End of summer v-drive get-together ​What: Dog and Andy's End of Summer V-Drive Get-Together When: Saturday, October 7 Where: Windmill Cove
  6. I hate summer and boats

    PB Open Water
    clic on full screen >
  7. Jocko's End Of Summer Parts Sale

    Parts for Sale
    All parts prices are + shipping. Please PM me if interested, post questions on this thread. Here we go; 1) Pair of 3" tall S/S flame arrestors. Fit 4150 (5-1/8" dia.)...........$80.00 SOLD 2) Pair of 2" tall polished aluminum carb spacers. Fit 4150 size carb flanges..............$50.00 3)...
  8. Skagen Boats End of Summer Bash 2016

    West Coast - North
    Skagen Boats End of Summer Bash 2016 Sep 9,10,11 Just 5 days away Mardon Resort Eastern Wa:)devil
  9. Dexter Summer Clash 2016

    Columbia Drag Boat
    Winner TE Brian Reinhart, final round .000 reaction time :partyguy:
  10. Summer Kickoff 2016

    PB Open Water
    Summer Kickoff 2016 My son Joe and I started Memorial Day weekend by meeting friends at Lake Dora boat ramp then after a few cups of coffee and with the sun rising behind us we headed across the early morning smooth waters of Lake Dora toward the Dora Canal. We entered the peaceful waters of...
  11. Summer Car Show Favs

    PB Open Water
    A 10 year old that likes cars....maybe there's I'm surprised that he likes some of the oldies.
  12. Almost ready for summer

    Jet Boats
    I put a new 540 all aluminum big block in my 21' boat. It is a welded aluminum hull with a Dominator pump. Light and fast.
  13. God ..............i miss Summer , and all the beauty it provides .

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Come on Summer because I can almost bet that all of you out there are getting very tired of the cold . So post up your beauties .
  14. Missin Summer yet ?

    Jet Boats
    I am.
  15. Boat trips Last Summer

    PB Open Water
    I only got to the River 4 times this last summer, seemed like something was always going on. Did you get all the boating in that you wanted too. ?
  16. End of summer camp out October 10-12

    Talking with a few guys about going to lake berryessa one more time this year. Will be at puta creek
  17. [Event] Norcal "end of summer" party

    Off the Water
    OK SO here we go again - we are going to be having a BOP - "Big Ol' Party" out at the homestead again to celebrate the END OF SUMMER and to just have a reason to get together and share some fun on dry land. Party Place: WILTON , CA (nearest to Galt area off Hwy 99 and Hwy 104) Party Date...
  18. end of the summer motor problems

    Jet Boats
    I dont even know where to start.....I had to replace the gas tank in my 74 Tahiti (455) due to rust on the bottom of the original tank. Once replaced I took her out for a test run and she started bogging down at low rpm. Almost seemed like some carb adjustment or timing. (Which was...
  19. Dlb summer boating pics

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Every other site has them so let's get it Rollin !!!!!! We have enough good lookin glass so let's show it off...........TUNNEL T
  20. Best boating pictures this summer?

    PB Open Water
    Anybody shot anything interesting this past month or so?