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  1. Elsinore Sunday

    I know this website is pretty dead but I figured I'd invite anyone who'd like to join us sunday at elsinore. We will be out there with a couple flats in the cove. Come by if you have nothing going on.
  2. Long Beach swap meet this Sunday 9/9/18

    Parts for Sale
    Long beach swap meet this Sunday 9/9/18, If you need anything call me before 5pm today I'll bring it, I'ii be in row J spot 10 Jim 1818-890-1867
  3. Wamplers - Rescheduled - Sunday May 20th

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Due to inclement weather, the opening meet has been rescheduled for Sunday May 20th. Please inform your fellow Hot Boaters.
  4. Spam Festival in Isleton Sunday

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    We plan on leaving Disco around 10:30am Sunday heading towards Isleton. Join us at our house before or meet us along the way. It's a nice run.
  5. Long beach swapmeet sunday 1-7-18

    Parts for Sale
    LB swapmeet this sunday row I space #20
  6. Long beach swapmeet this sunday 12-10-17

    Parts for Sale
    long beach swapmeet tomorrow, if you need something I can bring it, 1818-890-1867 isle I space 12
  7. Sunday was a Terrible

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Sunday was Terrible But we persevered. ;) "11-12-17 Day on the Delta" full screen photo slideshow on
  8. Long Beach swapmeet this sunday 10-8-17

    Parts for Sale
    Long Beach swapmeet this sunday, if you need anything call me 1818-890-1867, i'll be in row I spot #20
  9. This Sunday May 28, 2017-Nor Cal V-Drive boys on the SACRAMENTO RIVER

    This Sunday May 28, 2017 A Few of us Nor Cal V-drive boys are heading out on the Sacramento River. Launching at Knights Landing and heading up river. About 10 miles up to a nice beach see you at the launch ramp 9ish
  10. Sunday run to someplace on the river

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Looking to take the hallett out sunday not sure when or where but it will get wet.
  11. Long Beach swap meet sunday 1/29/17

    Parts for Sale
    swap meet sunday 1/29/17 call if you need anything, i'll be in row I space 26, 1818-890-1867
  12. Tanya's Sunday Sermon Run

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    1. Nice Pair 2. HighVoltage329 3. Lake P.A.L. 4. 5.
  13. long beach swapmeet this sunday 12/11/16

    Parts for Sale
    long beach swapmeet this sunday, I will be in row I space 34, if you need anything call and I will bring it. Jim 1818-890-1867
  14. long beach swapmeet this sunday sept 11 th

    Parts for Sale
    long beach swapmeet this sunday, if anyone needs anything call I will bring it, i'll be in row I space 34, jim 1818-890-1867
  15. Sunday Talk News Shows.

    Political Rhetoric
    Watched three of them, Fox News Sunday, This Week, and Face the Nation. Anyone want to guess dominating topic? :wink2: Less Fox so much. But This Week, it pretty much was the topic of the entire show. :yes: Yet according to them he is polling less than KKKillary? Good luck with that!!! ;)
  16. Breakfast/brunch run to Nena's Sunday Aug 7

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    We are staying at some friends house in Discovery Bay this Saturday night. Tamara and I will have our boat at their place and head out to Nena's in Stockton for breakfast/brunch at some point mid/late morning, depending how Saturday night goes. Hope to see some of you.
  17. Big fun this Sunday

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Watch us DESTROY our RV :)hammers RV Demo derby at Alameda County fair Free with admission
  18. Sunday (may 1st) lunch...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    i'll be taking my family/mom and granny out for a early mother's day lunch at giusti's then gonna burn some fuel running around if anyone is out let's catch a road soda somewhere
  19. Out for a Sunday DRIVE!!!!

    Off the Water
    I signed up and went out for the Speedway 99 - Rusty Wallace "Experience".... and it was a lot of fun (at the discounted rate) of $99 for 10 laps but no way could I ever see paying $250 to do this. Had a great time, good people, the short track late model sportsmen cars are fun cars..... just...
  20. Sunday Run???

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Looks like a good day weather wise and a holiday Monday. We're going out. Any one else?