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  1. Lifeline helmet support system

    Parts for Sale
    Brand new; never worn! - Increases head and neck support - Adapts to any helmet with only minor modifications - Mounting D-Ring hardware is included Price: $75.00 with Nylon Clips PN-410 Plus shipping
  2. Prayer Support

    To Roaddog sorry to here about your wife hope she coming home soon so you can take care of your best friend. I don't know you but my prayers are with you.
  3. How many americn citizes do the republican support? Not you or me.

    Political Rhetoric
    Republicans Push $269 Billion Handout For Millionaire Heirs And Heiresses Posted: 04/14/2015 10:27 am EDT Updated: 04/14/2015 11:59 am EDT :lucky: WASHINGTON -- House Republicans this week will vote to hand the heirs and heiresses of America's largest fortunes a $269 billion tax...
  4. NOS Support Bracket

    Parts for Sale
    Selling NOS Support bracket. Black anodized. Came out of a jet boat. Fits between the stringers and it is 26 inches across Excellent condition! Asking for $125.00 plus shipping or can bring to races and Wild Horse Pass Thanks for looking:flowerysmileqh2:
  5. [SOLD] Helmet Restaints, Helmet Support and Helmet with D-Rings

    Parts for Sale
    , Helmet Support and Helmet with D-Rings Profox Helmet Support Blue helmet support that have never been used (new). Not sure if your able to certify if date is not on tab. Asking $15.00 plus shipping Used Red Helmet-(No brand name noted on helmet) with 4 D-rings. Helmet bag included Slight...
  6. The polls do not support troops on the ground!

    Political Rhetoric
    I love it when the Dems say, "The polls do not support troops on the ground".... we are hearing that a lot these days.... No shit! Nobody likes war you dumb asses! Nobody likes sending their troops into harms way! Meanwhile, ISIS says "Off with their heads" This is where profound Leadership...
  7. Here's who the Kenyan wants our military to support in Syria . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    Liberals unite in praise and worship, right sheep?
  8. SWDBA 2013 Sponsors Please support them they support us. Thank you

    Southwest Dragboat Association
    CLICK HERE Elephant Butte NM real estate and homes for sale, Truth or Consequences Sierra County New Mexico Auto Body, Auto Mechanical Repair, Albuquerque NM | Jay Walton Automotive ELEPHANT BUTTE NEW MEXICO - ELEPHANT BUTTE Homes and Real Estate For Sale - REALTOR® Native air...
  9. [SOLD] RCD SBC Blower Crank Support

    Parts for Sale
    RCD blower crank support for Small Block Chevy. Kit includes crank support, degree wheel, bearing housing w/bearing, as well as the crank hub bearing support. Link to RCD Site: Bearing Supports Asking $550 OBO. Willing to entertain trade offers.
  10. In Need of some GEAR Support

    Im trying to get my underwater gear (strut, skeg, rudder) all de-chromed and x-rayed for cracks and use PBF boat people while Im doing all this work if possible. 1) Anybody got a line on a Chrome Stripper in the SAC, Stockton Area? or even Socal (i'll ship it if I have to) 2) Anybody got a...
  11. Does your wife/GF support your passion for boat racing?

    This is a special request from one of my sidekicks.
  12. Oh noes! I support him but now that he's coming after me...

    Political Rhetoric
    College presidents wary of Obama cost-control plan - Yahoo! News It's political theater and not rational to do this to me!
  13. BL..BL..BL..BLING.....thanks for the support...

    PB Open Water
    Nice to have some polish work come in the shop... Owner picked the parts up and asked to post photo's or send them to him.... since I like to show off here they are... thanks again for the support Guy, even though I took to long... (hey Robbie, this hows the boat look outside) Classsic's...
  14. wondering if this is enough support for boat hull?

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I used my car port as a cherry picker to lift boat off trailer, trailer needs repair(new bunks), I lifted the boat by wrapping a come-along chain around car port I-beam, tied it to the torque tube guard and lifted. I was wondering if this is ok to do?, The drive line guard is attached to the...
  15. Njba elsinore business support

    If anyone is interested in supporting the NJBA, and would like to sponsor the 8.00/ pro eliminator purse or trophy, Please contact me. We will put your name on the trophys, and annouce your business, or racing team at the races for 3 days of quarter mile racing. The NJBA has made huge strides ...
  16. Mr. Hope and Change is losing support.

    Political Rhetoric
    ‘Generic Republican’ holds eight-point lead over Obama | The Ticket - Yahoo! News This makes me sleep better at night. Now only if the GOP field wasn't atrocious.
  17. Support and Prayers needed for this little girl

    PB Open Water
    Picked this up off RDP, please help her out... Support Jessica Joy Rees, by liking her face book page and throwing out some prayers her direction. It's a small request from her that we can fulfill. Jessica is battling a inoperable brain tumor. Jessica Joy Rees | Never Ever Give Up! Facebook...
  18. The ex's new boobs & child support part II

    PB Open Water
    .... Guess one good deed deserves another. So, after the joy of having my child an extended week (for her recovery) and not a peep outta me over the " procedure", etc.... I get a call this morning from ms. crazy threatening to turn me into the county and also the courts over non-payment and...
  19. child support advice in CA

    PB Open Water
    I have an agreement between my x and I that I pay her $300 a month for child support. She has recently got an attorney on retainer and he is telling me that my base support should be $900 a month according to calculations, on top of that they want me to pay 1/2 of his medical bills which would...
  20. I just learned that my child support is paying for a BOOB JOB !

    PB Open Water
    ( Think Sam Kinnison Scream... ) ARRRRRGH, Argggggghh.....Argggghhhhhhh !!!!!! - Rick PS. Hollywierd should do a movie about scrupulous mothers instead scrupulous wall streeter's ... ** Far more money is scammed each year by this reckless class of people & The Courts on individuals ( men )...