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  1. I suppose you have no problem with your kids seeing two guys kissing on TV?

    Political Rhetoric
    Really! Who have we become? Is nothing off limits anymore? Did any of you have to explain this to your young kids? Enough is enough, I don't care how good he is at playing football!
  2. It's just a difference in reporting, I suppose . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    While the USA workforce today announced over a half million people stopped looking for work and the US workforce grew by just 88,000 jobs - both the worst numbers we've seen for employment since Jimmy Carter's presidency - the unemployment, as calculated by our government dropped to 7.6% (still...
  3. What do you suppose it cost......

    Political Rhetoric
    ....for Mr. Chimps to fly Airforce 1 from Washington to Denver for his big photo-op signing the stealfromus bill? Anyone have any idea why it was necessary for Biden to also fly from Washington to Denver also in AF2? They both returned to Washington when it was over. Ken