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  1. Does this surprise anyone at all?

    Political Rhetoric
    Ex-Chicago public schools chief to plead guilty in contract kickback scheme Gotta love those libby controlled cities and states.....
  2. POTUS makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

    Political Rhetoric
    It has been reported that President Obama made a surprise trip to visit the troops in Afghanistan. The President did not realize he had made this surprise visit until he saw it reported on the Network News.
  3. Surprise ? Really ? A Suprise ???

    Political Rhetoric
    The Republicans have been telling your Stupid ass's this from the very beginning :duh: Oh but the cool aide tastes so good .....drink the piss now you bastards :)devil Latest ObamaCare surprise: Most won't be able to buy health insurance until end of year | Fox News
  4. Whoops! Caught lying again? Surprise! Surprise!

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems this fraudulent administration has been exposed again with their constant barrage of lies. This time they defrauded America with fake enrollment numbers. BIG TIME!! Obama Administration Admits Over 126,000 Enrollments In Obamacare Not Real! - The Free Patriot
  5. Surprise! Surprise!

    Political Rhetoric
    Who would ever believe Valerie Jarrett could be one of the bad guys???? Israeli Reports: Negotiations With Iran A ‘Facade’ – Secret Deal Already Struck Directly With Valerie Jarrett... |
  6. Pleasant Surprise

    Paul Miller, of the Wannabe Miller Family was in Western New York this weekend. Just wanted to thank Paul for taking time from his busy schedule, to stop by my place to introduce himself and spend a little time. Wish it could have been longer. Hope next time your in Western New York you'll be...
  7. Big Surprise!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    And just like many predicted guess what! Miraculously, unemployment drops below 8% just before the election! RIGHHHHTTTTTTTTT! Unemployment Rate Drops To 7.8 Percent, Nearly 4-Year Low - Careers Articles
  8. Not Boating Related (surprise)

    PB Open Water
    Our favorite Sheriff Arpaio will not be prosecuted by the Feds. They have dropped their suit...8-)
  9. Where are these crooks now? Surprise!

    Political Rhetoric
    Here's a quick look into the three former Fannie Mae executives who brought down Wall Street. Franklin Raines was a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Fannie Mae. Raines was forced to retire from his position with Fannie Mae when auditing discovered severe irregularities in Fannie Mae's...
  10. Surprise inside the Carbs

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Bought a motor and decided to final take a peak, fresh rebuild, low hours, but its been sitting a bit. Started with the carbs, check out what was in the bowls...
  11. Surprise... Alabama immigration law challenged...

    Political Rhetoric
    I know that this situation is not a big suprise to most here BUT how will Barry and the Dems play/spin this situation with the 2012 election right around the corner??? Will they downplay this LAW or will they try to exploit it somehow for political mileage??? " The federal government filed...
  12. Does this really surprise anyone?

    Political Rhetoric
    White House Insider: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden | Socyberty Does this really surprise anyone on here? I could totally envision his inability to make a critical decision and see others having to step and take control of the situation. I am sure this has...
  13. Surprise Paloser denial

    Political Rhetoric
    Surprise, surprise, Nacy Paloser has denied prior knowledge of the waterboarding of captured terrorists. Unfortunately for her, those meetings were taped!!! She is stepping on her tits on this one. Demanding release of secret documents about these meetings totally forgetting she was there...
  14. Boy, did I just get an Easter surprise...

    PB Open Water
    Wishing everyone on here a very happy Easter. I was just sitting here goofing off on this website like I do quite often at work also and my beautiful wife just came in and gave me my Easter present. No, not "that", although "that" would have been nice and much appreciated also. :D My wife told...
  15. any good carpet cleaners in surprise,az

    PB Open Water
    buying a new house and need carpets cleaned.
  16. October Surprise

    Political Rhetoric
    You decide....
  17. surprise

    PB Open Water
    So I take my cover off to find this again this is the second time and it seems to be getting worse and ideas ? I already wiped down the whole interior with water like the the mfg of the cleaner had told me to do and now its back :mad:
  18. Surprise gift for my wife's birthday......

    PB Open Water
    I think she'll enjoy this......she has driven a little jet boat in the past and thought it was fun. It has a 215 HP Rotax supercharged 4 stroke.
  19. Flying surprise - Gross

    PB Open Water