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  1. Just saw this: 62 Sanger Wooddeck w/ 392 Hemi - Sweet

  2. Menkens 2 blade. Sweet. 11.5"x16x1 1/8" shaft. LH. $235

    Includes USPS shipping. Call 515 984 6022
  3. [SOLD] 1994 Donzi Sweet 16

    Boats for Sale
    1994 Donzi Sweet 16 Classic, Mercury 4.3L - V-6- Completely Rebuilt engine all new parts. (Less than 10 hours) -- Alpha One outdrive LOA: 16.5 Beam: 6.11 Draft Down: 29" Draft Up: 12" Fuel: 32 gallons Weight: 2,686 Beautiful red - white Donzi Sweet Sixteen. Classic style, fast and economical...
  4. Sweet Spring Break

    PB Open Water
    Sweet Spring Break03/25/2015 0 Comments We’ve been making the most of spring break it has been delightful to spend time as a family and boat the days away. We are just your average hard working family and taking big vacations away from home are not always possible that’s why we love our boat...
  5. [Pics] Sweet Caroline SK-671

    Jack Kiely's SK-671 was sent to me last March 2014. It had been severely abused and required a complete restoration. It appeared to have been parked outside in the elements for several years. I am in the final stages of the restoration as of this posting. Fred Hart did the complete paint job...
  6. Sweet Kona

    Jet Boats
    You might be a Redneck if ... 1972 Kona w/ 455 olds
  7. Sw

    PB Open Water
    Sweet Dipp'n in the Springs07/28/2014 0 Comments One of the nice things that have evolved out of our love for boating is the people we meet. A friend of my husband’s introducing him to a boating friend who introduced us to his friend and that lead to us becoming friends as families. Their...
  8. Sweet Shovel

    Boats for Sale
    1974 Sanger Shovel nose Hydro Race Boat
  9. We need a shot of sweet after that picture of Hilderbeast...

    Outboard Church
    Ahhhh, much better ! :D
  10. What a sweet augmented pair …

    Get your minds out of the gutter. Lol Just got back from the prop shop. Picked up my Ron Hill 3 blade prop (really an OJ). Bought it as a “best guess” off of eBay last year for $125 for the Biesemeyer project. Worked OK this summer but I’m sure it was leaving something on the table. I’m also...
  11. Sweet

    Political Rhetoric
    McCain hires controversial Syria analyst who inflated credentials | Fox News I wonder if she makes six figs.
  12. Sweet dreams

    Political Rhetoric
    Good night to all of you Patriots and good luck to those who scorn our Constitution. God bless all of you who defend our Constitution. I shall stand with you. Don't Tread On Me.
  13. [SOLD] 1999 donzi sweet 16 v8 nicest anywhere pristine 100 hrs frest water only!

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    THIS BOAT IS ABSOLUTELY PRISTINE, V8, LOW 100 HRS...BOAT IS FLAWLESS... bring all offers,,, gonna go cheep MUST BE SEEN,,CALL FOR INFO..496-4150 will trade, is going to be sold to best offer.... must sell Donzi Classic 16 Specifications LOA...16.5 BEAM...6.11 DRAFT,DOWN...29 UP....12...
  14. Sweet looking Cig 39

    PB Open Water
    Anyone else love this Cig 39?:) What a beautiful boat right?....:))THumbsUp
  15. Sweet Hydro on EBAY

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    1,200hp Supercharged Hydro Show Boat in Powerboats & Motorboats | eBay Motors I think this for sale on the boards awhile back?
  16. Is there a sweet spot for the shoe , as related to the drop keel ?

    Jet Boats
    In the pic , the shoe is about 5/16 above the keel.
  17. Another sweet Boat

    I was driving by and had to stop and check this out!!!
  18. Ebay Item !!!! Sweet deal

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    Looks to be a really great boat for a super price Ebay item 200772713128
  19. One sweet winger for sale!!!!!!!!

    WFL Crew
  20. sweet wirirng diagram

    Jet Boats
    I am looking for luckie stiff... He posted a really sweet wiring diagram of the Place hydraulic diode kit some time ago. I would like to get a copy and use it, if that is OK. For some reason my printer won't print the post properly. Thanks Jim :))THumbsUp