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  1. Edelbrock Nitrous Systems Flow Test Tool

    Parts for Sale
    Description: The Edelbrock Flow Test Tool is designed to measure the “flowing fuel pressure” of a nitrous system toensure that you have adequate fuel pressure when your nitrous system is operating. This tool uses the same jets as yournitrous system and eliminates the hassle of having to convert...
  2. Pro Systems 950 cfm carb

    Parts for Sale
    Selling this carb. Detailed build sheet. Let me know if interested. $450
  3. [SOLD] DIRT CHEAP Fuel and ignition EFI Management Systems + Spares F.A.S.T.

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD This is dirt cheap ! Nearly all of it brand new. EFI/Ignition Bundle F.A.S.T. XFI 2.0 Fuel and XIM Ignition Systems + Spares Only requires a download to be the latest 2.05 version. XFI box was my race spare. New dual injector driver motherboard installed from F.A.S.T. Has datalogging...
  4. Dump valves for pop off systems

    Jet Boats
    Here is a valve that is commonly used for a Pop-off system. A quick dump valve, mounts inside the boat one end connects to the top fitting on the pop off valve and the other plugs into the 5/32 pressure line from the co2 tank. About $20 McMaster-Carr
  5. Good Deals on Edelbrock Nitrous Systems

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Just thought I would share this with everyone. Just to let you know has some of the best prices for Edelbrock Nitrous Systems, even better than summit and jegs. Also, right now until the 19th the website is offering 20% off with the code charge. For example, the Victor direct...
  6. Nos Plate Systems

    WFL Crew
    Nos plate systems who do u guys like? i have ran NX express stuff before and felt like they were ahead of the ole NOS style just b/c of there plate set-up? i am currently looking into several different styles. :duh: not really interested in a fooger set-up @ the moment due to extra money...
  7. [SOLD] pro systems 1050 dominator carb for sale

    Parts for Sale
    very nice 1050 pro systems dominator carb 500.00 plus shipping call robert at 713 208 7447 for any ?
  8. Question about Q-see home video surveillance systems

    PB Open Water
    Has anyone here had or have a Q-see video surveillance system. I am looking at one thats on Costcos website. 1 tb DVR and 12 cameras. It seems like a good system for the money. We have been having too many issues around the neighborhood and want a system to watch the house, rv and boat.
  9. Mercruiser 502 MPI Intake Systems- complete

    Parts for Sale
    These are 2 complete sets of Mercruiser Fuel Injection intake manifolds and plenums from a pair of 2000 model year Mercrusier 502 MPI engines. They are compatible with the Mercruiser MEFI 3 electronic engine control system. They were removed from working engines as part of an upgrade to...
  10. Tom Scahill Twin Turbo Systems ????

    Anyone ever heard of these? has 1 large rectangular intercooler and single carb sitting in between the turbos near the transom. this is the only info i've found so far.... Turbochargers Hp49 - Hugh MacInnes, Betty MacInnes - Google Books
  11. Does Mike from NOS nitrous systems have anything to do with NOS energy drink?

    PB Open Water
    Back in the 80s I used to sell NOS advertising in HB. How do you get from nitrous systems to energy drinks? Same company?
  12. Home Security Systems

    PB Open Water
    I am looking to purchase a home security system and could use some guidence. Has anyone used the big players, ADT, Brinks, AlarmForce, etc...? I need pros and cons as far as quality of the equipment, value and customer service. I also want to put in some cameras and motion-lights (battery or...
  13. marine ignition systems

    Jet Boats
    I'm kind of new to marine engines so this is probably a dumb question, why don't marine engines have some kind of vacume advance on the distributer? is it all mechanical advance? does the amount of timing you start with have anything to do with top end or max RPM? :)bulb
  14. Jenny Craig or Nutri Systems

    PB Open Water
    which food tastes better ? Did it work ?
  15. Who knows about RO systems?

    PB Open Water
    Got one that is filtering and making clean water but seems not to store any...:confused: I'm beginning to think that the blatter in the tank is shot cause there is no pressure at the blatter tankvalve. Once I dispense(about 1/4 into a glass) it'll filter and make about the same amount again but...
  16. Cooling systems

    Jet Boats
    Anybody here use a closed cooling system in their jet boat. The reason I ask is were building a new motor to run circles and the builder would like to control temps better.
  17. Cellular alarm systems

    PB Open Water
    Looking for an alarm system for our river house with no landline phone. Also do not want a central system type alarm. Just one that will call my cell when there is a problem. Prepaid cellular/sim dealio. I don't need installation. Does anyone know who makes something like this?
  18. turbo systems.

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I am new to this forum. So first off, hello everyone. Now business... I have a Formula powerboat in which I am thinking about putting a turbo system on. Anybody out there that makes a complete kit?
  19. Home alarm systems??? Phoenix area

    West Coast - South
    Figured I would try here first. Anyone here in the biz??? Would rather throw some business a board members way if possible. Seeing some of the other threads just makes ya think a little bit. Would rather be safe than sorry. ;) Thanks
  20. Mohave Intergrated Systems

    PB Open Water
    In May 2008 I aquired a home in Lake Havasu City, Az. After moving in I was told about a system my next door neighbor had installed by Mohave Integerated. He told me he was very happy with the system and that it has a phone module that you call to set a/c tempature and operate the alarm...