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  1. Michigan Hot Boats
    Okay, I've been on the phone all morning and the dates for the OPA/SBI races in Tawas are fathers day June 14th-16th weekend activities start Thursday. The next weekend is the River Roar in Bay City, which is always a great time and would make two pretty big weekends in a row for us. I am going...
  2. Michigan Hot Boats
    Hello, My name is Brian Bishop and I am the event chairman for the Heritage Coast Offshore Grand Prix. I had a idea that might be popular with the fans of this event. Would you guys be interested in (1) putting on a display of your boats for the weekend and (2) possibly having a rooster tail...
  3. Michigan Hot Boats
    Talked with Brian one of the race coordinaters, we are more than welcome to display our boats in a very nice location on the grass right at the foot of the state dock in Tawas. Should be pretty cool. :cool:
  4. Michigan Hot Boats
    by John Morris EAST TAWAS - An effort is underway to bring offshore powerboat racing to Tawas Bay next summer. Brian Bishop, a local businessman, told the East Tawas City Council at its meeting Monday he and three other persons are working with a offshore powerboat racing association which...
1-4 of 5 Results