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  1. Tachs or not to tax

    Does anyone know who bought out Jones and if they even make mech tachs anymore. If not, who has the most accurate electric tach that is tough enough for marine use.
  2. So, the Trump Tax Cuts are a WIN-WIN for just about everyone - including AMERICA!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    My son Buzzz, works in the corporate offices of the UHaul Corporation. He got, and shared with us, an e-mail from Joe Shoen - the Top Dog of the company, about the Trump Tax Plan. The savings to the company are vast and they are re-investing millions back into the company in many ways. They...
  3. Tax Reform Deal

    Political Rhetoric
    I guess CNN is going to have a hard time convincing people how bad the new tax deal is to the 20,000 new hires from Apple. Another $350BN infused in the US economy isn't a bad thing. $38BN in tax revenue isn't going to hurt the US either.. Funny how you won't find this headline on CNN or MSNBC...
  4. Tax Plan - Who Benefits?

    Political Rhetoric
    I've been waiting for you 6 or 7 hard ass Republicans here to post something about the new tax plan. What's the problem? Trump getting a $11-15 million raise per year with the new plan. Top 1% getting 67% of the money now and 83% of the money 10 years from now. This is what happens when we as...
  5. Massive insurance tax increase

    Political Rhetoric I understand there are those who disagree with OBAMACARE. There is little doubt that changes can be...
  6. Who get the TAX breaks?

    Political Rhetoric
    How much of a tax break do you get? Here’s how much each presidential candidate would raise — or cut — taxes for the superrich - Vox
  7. CA Prop Tax

    PB Open Water
    I bought my boat (used) in Jul 2012 in CA and have yet to receive any prop tax bill on the boat. I thought these came annually?
  8. CA tax dollars at work!!

    PB Open Water
    Look what we as CA tax payers are paying for now!! :wtf: Judge orders California to pay for inmate's sex change | News - KCRA Home
  9. pay as you go road tax coming to CA

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  10. CA #1 "Least tax friendly State"

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  11. Sales Tax question

    PB Open Water
    I have searched for this but not really found an answer. I know a private party sale in AZ there is not tax. But I am looking at another somewhat unique situation. I am looking at a boat in Havasu registered in CA sold by a dealer (I believe the dealer is registered as a CA dealer too) but I...
  12. Where Your Tax Money Goes

    Political Rhetoric
    You may want to watch this, and you may not- video from Chicks on the Right: Belated Tax Week And Easter Video - You Don't Want To Miss The Special Ending! - Chicks on the Right
  13. Tax Refund?

    Political Rhetoric
    Why do they call it a tax refund? You usually get a refund when you are not happy and/or satisfied with the results of the products or services rendered....Hell, if "refund" is the term of choice, I simply ask for all my money back because the gov has failed me miserably. Whereas the Federal...
  14. Another hidden obamacare tax

    Political Rhetoric
    Did you guys know that there is a $63 per person per month tax on individuals that have employer provided insurance. So if you have wife and 2 kids on your policy then you pay $63 x4 per month which is a $252 a month tax or $3000 a year more just so a fat dumb lazy ass can get some free health...
  15. New 3% CA Tax

    Political Rhetoric,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49784469%2Cd.cGE%2Cpv.xjs.s.en_US.M...
  16. Another way to waste our tax money

    Political Rhetoric
    Now the POS and his top dog EH are going to waste tax dollars bringing up Federal charges on Zimmerman......:wtf:
  17. Your tax dollars at work...

    Political Rhetoric
    Tell me that this skinny chicago thug doesnt have too much time on his hands... I can juse see OlameO and Tracey Morgan smoking a big blunt and rolling around on the floor laughing it up... He thinks it is all a big JOKE: Can you gents help me compile a list of events that have transpired in...
  18. Democrat round table on needed tax increase...

    Political Rhetoric
    Nancy Peeeeeeelooozie speaks out........ Nancy P.... - It's Not Complicated More - YouTube
  19. Now that Tax Season is over...

    Political Rhetoric
    What total effective rate did you guys pay? Fed and State Income, Property, Social Security, Medicare, CASDI As a single male, my rate was 29.51% and I went into work for the first day for myself on April 18th. However, this still doesn't count sales and other taxes. Just curious where other...
  20. Maryland decides to tax residents when it rains

    Political Rhetoric
    Maryland institutes rain tax to raise money for Chesapeake Bay estuary A "storm management fee" will be imposed on Maryland residents by Gov. Martin O'Malley — meaning that Maryland is essentially going to tax the rain that falls on people’s property. The bill apparently stems from an order...