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  1. 79 Taylor SC 20’

    Jet Boats
    What are the pro/cons with the Inducer impeller on the Berkeley. Stock Indmar 454-F pump. I am in the process of buying the boat next week. I was a Berkeley dealer from 76-03 when I retired. I still have some of the tools. I plan on rebuilding the pump and will probably do some up dates on...
  2. Taylor 21 1982 v drive project

    Boats for Sale
    Posting for a non computer literate, being barely literate will do my best. What you have here is a project boat with all the major pieces, has art carr turbo 400, casale 500, all necessary hardware, engine also available. Call Ron at 626 280 1085 for more details, boat is in So Cal,looking to...
  3. Under 23' Vintage 1979 Taylor 21ft Jet Boat Original and Very Clean Indmar 454 ALL ORIGINAL

    Boats for Sale
    79 Taylor 21ft jet boat original gel coat still very nice no stress cracks original rebuilt and fresh Indmar Marine 454 Chevy Berkeley Jet newer impeller ride plate electric jet-o-vator very solid boat with ORIGINAL INTERIOR still very nice and clean always garaged 2 owner boat low hours dual...
  4. 1977 taylor sj 460 bbf

    Jet Boats
    so I'm seriously considering buying a 1977 taylor sj jet boat with the ford bb 460. i have several family members with taylor sj and ss boats but they all have the 454 chevy. i am a chevy guy myself. i know nothing about the ford motors. how much power and torque did this motor make stock? and...
  5. Under 23' '84 Taylor LP Jet Boat

    Boats for Sale
    ’84Taylor LP Jet Boat, Restored, Rebuilt 454, 30 over, 11-5-1, New Crank, Comp RollerCam, Lifter, Rockers, Powder Coated Intake, Valve Covers, New Flywheel, High TorkStarter, Rebuilt Berkley Pump. Seats andDeck Rebuilt, all New Interior. Newtires on Trailer; too much to list. MUSTSEE! Ready...
  6. Lee taylor Honored

    There is an event going on to honor Lee Taylor at the Col. Vernon P. Saxon Jr. Aerospace Museum, located in the city of Boron ( basically out in Lancaster/ Mojave area). Either or both of Lee's boats, The Hustler, or U.S, Discovery II, will be there permanently displayed. I think Lee did...
  7. Taylor SS turbo LS swap

    Jet Boats
    New guy, first post!! Long story short, I have a garage full of parts from previous projects including a complete running 4.8 out of an 05 express van. I always wanted a jet boat, and came across this engineless 79 Taylor SS. I went and got it a while back, brought it to a friends barn for...
  8. 1984 Taylor Bowrider

    Boats for Sale
    I had the blue painted when I purchased it a few years back. It isn't perfect but does not have any major flaws or blemishes. Original interior but does have New Floor, Stringers, Carpet, Bilge Paint . 460 Ford 30 over, D0VE Heads, Demon Carb., Chevy exhaust with Billet adapters. Clarion...
  9. For Sale 1975 Taylor SJ

    Michigan Hot Boats
    For Sale 1975 Taylor SJ Long block rebuilt 461 Oldsmobile engine that was rebuilt over the winter. Was ran on a dyno and tuned on the dyno, have paper work for dyno and build from Ross Machine. New alternator, distributor, oil pump, plug wires, and harmonic balancer and up graded to a roller...
  10. 78 Taylor SJ--Turbo???

    Jet Boats
    Hey guys, I know we have some turbo guys on the forum andI was wanting some info regarding the possibility of adding turbos or a singleturbo to my SJ. It currently has a 505 10.5 to 1 motor, Makes around 600 hp.I'm looking to upgrade but will probably have this boat another year or two. Ithen...
  11. Names Glen new member and owner of 1985 19 ft. Taylor Jet

    New member Introductions
    Hey folks, after pulling the 460 big block out to do some maintenance, I have determined that the rubber coupling that connects the exhaust riser (starboard side) is about 1 1/2 inch offset from the exhaust hull outlet while the port side is virtually straight through. The length of the coupling...
  12. Taylor Wires

    Parts for Sale
    I'm selling a set of new in the box Taylor Pro-Series 8mm wires (red). I bought these to run on a Vertex magneto and decided to go black instead of red for my application!! P/N 70252 pro wire core universal 8 cylinder 135* boots (red) $50.00 plus S&H ****** Price lowered 14 April 15 Thanks...
  13. Charger / Taylor 1970 bottom design questions

    I bought a boat in September of 2014. It is titled as a 1970 Taylor. I have heard it called a Charger. I was reading the "Cool old Ads" thread and posted some comments on there. Around page 37 there is an ad from Taylor explaining they recently acquired the Charger molds. Post 512 from...
  14. Should I Buy This Boat? 1975 Taylor SS

    Jet Boats
    $1200. This boat is 2 hours from me and would be a badass project. Do you guys think it's worth getting. I would be buying with the intent to be a project. From what i read and can see, doesn't seem like to bad of a deal. I want your two cents! Sorry for not being on here for awhile :)hand...
  15. [Question] Taylor V-Drives

    New here to the forum. I own a 75 Tayor V-Drive, I don't have much info on the boat's model and or hull design. I was hoping some ole skool boaters might be able to help. Thanks in advance. Dave,
  16. Noobie to PB, with Taylor V-Drive from Ontario Canada.

    New member Introductions
    Hello from Canada, great site and lots of info. Stopping here first to say Hi, and pay respect to the members.
  17. 178 Taylor jet SEIZED ENGINE

    Jet Boats
    I need to get the engine out of the boat. pistons are Rusted good. Wont turn over at all. Cant turn the Universal. What do I do? I got one Bot off the universal.
  18. 77 taylor daycruiser

    Boats for Sale
    i bought this boat from an estate, one owner, built in okla, bought in okla, never left okla, had been in storage for the last 13 years, all original except the wheels i put on the trailer, 460 engine, berkeley jet with jetevator, it is a project but doesnt look like a lot needed, havent tried...
  19. Taylor SS for sale

    Boats for Sale
    1973 Taylor SS ..LESS ENGINE...good condition...Texas title...good trailer... $900...thanks...Don...Livingston, Texas.
  20. Under 23' Taylor SS project for sale

    Boats for Sale
    1974 Taylor SS ...LESS ENGINE...otherwise complete boat.... only 2 bucket seats... Berk 12-JE-A jet... engine mounts and driveline included... nice trailer.....Good Texas title on boat.... $900...... thanks...Don, Livingston, Texas.