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  1. Outboard Church Parker Enduro Team for 2016

    Outboard Church
    The 2016 Enduro Team is still a work in progress: Drivers: Tony Scarlata. Fearless.:yes: Our Second driver is a secret.... Even more fearless.:)devil Yours truly will be driving the final leg. reasonably fearless.;) Our Associates: Engine Builders: Dave Bush Racing/Joe Abellera Hot Laps...
  2. Weiand Team- G , BBC intake manifold

    Parts for Sale
    (SOLD) Weiand Team- G , BBC intake manifold I have a Rect port intake manifold for 9.8" deck BBC. 4150 top, powder coated in Endura shine. Also polished thermostat block off. asking-$150 Bubba-909-631-9888
  3. New alky flat team?

    I heard through the grapevine.. while driving over the grapevine to Lake Ming, that there is a new TAF flat team getting put together.
  4. What is your thoughts of Team Hawaiian 28s

    PB Open Water
    Looking at a 28 ft Team Hawaiian but can not find much on them. Please any input would be great good or bad. Thanks
  5. JV Team?

    Political Rhetoric
    ISIS in Libya parade their fleet of 'police cars' in front of cheering children | Daily Mail Online Me thinks we got biiiiiiiiiiiig problems on the horizon.
  6. 1998-20' Team Hawaiian open bow BBC/DOM

    Boats for Sale
  7. Weiand team G Super Ram

    GN7 On the Dyno
    anyone have info on a bbc team g super ram ? Picked one up a few months ago , never run ? Wondering how they work or areas than need attention. Will be on a 454 with 10.5 -1 , 990's and hyd roller in a runner bottom thanks
  8. Team amsoil resurfaces with teague powered supercat in saint clair

    PB Open Water
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TEAM AMSOIL OFFSHORE RESURFACES WITH NEW TEAGUE POWER IN ST CLAIR Following a year-and-a-half hiatus from offshore powerboat racing, Team AMSOIL Offshore Racing was assembled for duty in Saint Clair, Michigan for the 20th annual Bluewater Offshore Racing Association’s...
  9. team g bbc intake recport

    Parts for Sale
    Bbc rec port team g intake 4150 with dominator adapter and drilled for nitrous asking 140 shipped
  10. [Question] Team t-shirts and caps?

    PB Open Water
    Who do you guys use to have your team t-shirts and caps made? I wanna have some made for 2014 and would like to know who yall would recommend. Thanks Sam.
  11. Team Associated RC10GT RTR (NEW) - $325 (Encinitas, CA)

    Other Stuff for Sale
    New, in box..Have run 2 tanks of fuel of the 5 required to break in properly. That was done according to specs in "Proper Break-in" in the owners manual. No decals applied but the entire decal set will be included. Along with an extra glow plug, Fuel tank filler cell. Transmitter Plug wrench...
  12. Congratulations To Team GN-24

    Great job guys, everything came together for an impressive win!!!! Congratulations:))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp
  13. Congrats to the "BUCK$ UP' team K-136

    Congradulations on your overall win in Burley. Robby, you had her hooked up. The race between you & Charlie will go down as one of the best K boat races I've ever seen. Right up there with the Dave Bryant / Tony Scarlota battle at the beach. 3 laps of side by side racing, foot flat to the floor...
  14. Does anybody have any Cole Race Boat Team Shirts?

    I nemed my youngest son Cole after the boat.(wife wouldnt let me name him Biesmeyer). He has been asking me if I could get him a shirt with the boat he was named after. Any current teams running Coles have any shirts for sale. I would need an Adult Medium and Adult XXL. Thanks Jim 435-313-0288
  15. War Canoe 2013 Parker team

    Outboard Church
    So I figured I'd get this thread going a bit early.....especially since the competition wants to know what changes the boat will have for here you go. New tires on the trailer Trolling motor on deck to go with the fishing motor New bow eye New drain plugs Drink holders Rod holders...
  16. Seal team six. Thanks Barrack!

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama Official Outed As Leaker? - National Security Leaks - Fox Nation
  17. War Canoe Parker Team 2012

    Outboard Church
    We will be running a 3 driver team for 2012 at the 50th annual Parker 300. War Canoe : Scott Nolind Big Steve : Steve Nolind Jetboatguru: Tony Scarlata Bad Bait : Wild Bill Smith Crew Chief Scott will open, Steve will do leg 2, Scarlata to close for the roses...:|err
  18. The new n.f.l. Season is almost here, what is your favorite team ?

    PB Open Water
    Mine----Kansas City Chiefs :thumb:

    PB Open Water
    Just watched an NBC special on the 1992 DREAM TEAM!!!!! Sorry but there is only one and todays basketball team is no where near all those legends
  20. A Big Hats Off To Team GN-24

    Way to go guys, congratulations on your win in the final today at Long Beach, you have worked hard for this win.:))THumbsUp