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  1. [Pics] NYD TEASER! 004 Spooky

    Steve rolled in with Tony S early and got a few passes in on some mirror water. I got home from work right when they pulled her out. But I HEARD the last pass when I was about a mile away in my truck. Badass Cole! Tony says he has several friends bringing this caliber of boat. Our friend Troy...
  2. [Video] Cigarette "Unleashed" Updates and Teaser Video !!!

    PB Open Water
    Kristy and I purchased "Unleashed" in February 2014 and were very happy with the entire package. Only upgrade planned were new vinyl "Unleashed" graphics on the side. Well after dropping it off at Boat Customs it snowballed quickly! First decided to paint the "Unleashed" graphics instead of...
  3. Desert Storm 2012 teaser vid

    PB Open Water
    Desert Storm 2012 DVD Teaser - YouTube
  4. Juat A Teaser.....

    This is so's not quite ready for the total Billy B. unveiling...but close enough to show you a nipple...ya know we don't have V-Drive Video in the family to come and take pro pics of our creations...just me and the 100.00 wonder...
  5. 2009 LA Boat Show teaser...

    PB Open Water
    See everyone there...
  6. Teaser

    West Coast - South
    I thought that while I'm rebuilding my pump I might as well fix the bottleneck of my motor (intake). I need to do some port work and then the engine gets an all new top end :D Geez it got duuurty!
  7. Xerophobic II teaser...

    PB Open Water
    Had this posted on the "other" forum but maybe there are some different folks here too. Enjoy... Cheers