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  1. Political Rhetoric
    He could be Obama's half brother. :D What a libtard. Brian Williams admits that his story of coming under fire while in Iraq was false - The Washington Post
  2. Political Rhetoric
    So I had this idea for sometime, thought of it back when I was in college. I didn't know there was an actual application of it. is the idea. A website that links private lenders with borrows. So here's the bull. I register, I have a ~$100-$300 month of beyond disposable income...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    That's his message, "Freedom isn't doing what we want to do, it's doing what we ought to do". What the hell? Excuse me Comrad? That's an election year message? Another election blown by the GOP. The bottom line is things are turning around and the GOP can do nothing but eat their young. The...
  4. Political Rhetoric
    'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone' 'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone' |
  5. Political Rhetoric
    CAT D315 GENERATOR 001 - YouTube
  6. PB Open Water
    Andrew McCarthy is a retired Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney, I think this could be classified as a "smack down": Andrew C. McCarthy May 1, 2009 By email (to the Counterterrorism Division) and by...
  7. Political Rhetoric
    The idiots in DC should take note!
  8. NorCal
    PRW and the fun bunch will hit the DELTA SATURDAY APRIL 5. Our Delta events sponsor has encountered some business difficulties so this may be our only Delta event for this year. Time will tell. TESTING TUNING & TELLING LIES will kick off with many of us launching at B&W around 9-10 and then...