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  1. PB Open Water
    Here is a vid from another Sunday afternoon at the lake in Texas...
  2. V-Drives
    I heard scotty of spirit of texas crashed .anyone confirm that.??
  3. New member Introductions
    Just stopping in to say hello. Kids growing up have had me away from the boat for a couple of years. I used to be on the Hot Boat forum. Lived in So Cal all my life and just moved to North Dallas. Can't wait to get on some of the lakes around here. If you see me, stop in and say hello...
  4. Boats for Sale
    blown would nice , must be clean, no black boats to hot in texas.
  5. PB Open Water
    Looking at purchasing a GM E-rod crate motor. Still in the crate. Fastenal will ship it. 61 year old Guy ran into hard times and isn't too computer savvy. He Doesn't want to use PayPal. Looking at a way to cover my $'s if I purchase it. Any ideas.
  6. V-Drives
  7. V-Drives
    looking for an open hitch coming back from needles to Texas. needing a flattie on tandeum axle trailer towed back from yuma ,az area. willing to work with fuel cost and pick up location once back in Texas. thanks, vdrivenman gary [email protected]
  8. PB Open Water
    know it's a long shot but anyone from Texas headed out to needles w/o a boat. needing a flattie on tandeum axle trailer brought back from the yuma ,az area. willing to contribute to fuel cost and try and arrange convinent meet location upon return. respectfully, vdrivenman contact me...
  9. Jet Boats
    If a feller was to get some advise on ride plate setup , possible bottom work ? Intake reset , etc ...who would you guys use and why .. boat best ET was 10:80 @ 102 but this way leaning on motor way hard and I've seen a lot of similar hulls with comparable HP running up close to 120 and way...
  10. Trailers and Trailer Parts
    Dolly Trailer for Cheyenne - Texas - SOLD PENDING FUNDS 11-20-14 Dolly Trailer for Sale... It needs a new home.....It was originally a hydro trailer that Mary Rife built for her "Proud Mary" TFH and I changed the bunks to fit a Cheyenne. Also modified the prop guard and squared it off so...
  11. Boats for Sale
    16 foot texas tunnel with or with out a motor would like to get 15k for it with motor it has a ls1 with texas speed heads cam and fast 102 intake boat is very quick with a stainless impeller and inducer very light layup boat call or text 803-727-3912 thanks kevin. I also have a tx20 youngblood I...
  12. Midwest
    Planning to use this image in the next issue...anybody know who the owner is?
  13. PB Open Water
    I need to ID at least one of the following boats for use in the next issue. First ID gets the vacant spot. Need the owner's name please. Thanks.
  14. Outdrives
    Planning to use this image in the next issue...anybody know who the owner is?
1-14 of 111 Results