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  1. There goes that theory . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems Isis just uncovered Hussein's weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. What will the limp-wristed possibly hang their tiny hats on now? BUSH EXONERATED: ISIS UNCOVERS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN IRAQ
  2. single VS dual theory??

    as a start this is my first question about outboards. been in the jet boat area for a year or so and looking outside the box and have some curiosities if you guys have some time. first im trying to understand theory beore i get to more specific questions. how would a single 70HP "anybrand"...
  3. The K.I.S.S. theory at work.

    I made this clamshell for a Rayson GN. Thoughts?
  4. Conspiracy Theory or more unfolding of the Kenyan's plan?? RIP Seal Team 6

    Political Rhetoric
    This was penned by Ann Barnhardt and you'll have to choose for yourself whether or not to believe the contents. The Execution Of SEAL Team Six
  5. Theory

    Political Rhetoric
    Just a thought....... 1. Has anyone seen the similarities with Ram and someone no longer here? a. Similarities in stupidity? b. Similarities in Liberal zealotry? c. Similarities in unwavering Barry support? d. Similarities in arguing no matter what? 2. Large growing post...
  6. Conspiracy theory freaks!!! Anyone else know any?

    PB Open Water
    This guy I work with believes in every conspiracy theory out there. He thinks we've never been to the moon, the C.I.A. killed J.F.K. George Bush was in on 9/11 and anything else you can think of. I think he goes home and wears a tin foil hat. Well he has now started rationing food and fresh...
  7. The Frog Theory

    PB Open Water
    Kind of long but an interesting perspective on the State of the Union. WILL HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF??? Now that the two primary Presidential candidates are clearly identified, with major differences in their experience, background and platform, it is important to look back to see if history is...
  8. vdrive theory

    I have searched here, old hb forums, and google and have not found what people generally consider the ideal setup for a v-drive for speed. Here is a crude picture. We can assume a 20 foot boat for simplicity or just give measurements as percentage from transom. It seems like most people...
  9. My Traffic Theory - I Swear it's True

    PB Open Water
    I drive quite a bit, all over LA, OC and the IE. In years past, I drove even crazier amounts (duh, had the office in downton LA and I live in Riverside, would rattle off about 60-70K miles per year). I've always said that on a holiday weekend, the best time to leave is between 5:00 p.m. -...
  10. One Shot theory

    Political Rhetoric
    You've all seen the Zapruder shot or not ?