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  1. Fs- 427 side oiler....the real thing

    Parts for Sale
    Pulled from a fresh water boat. Built off of a "service block". Info is as follows: Casting #'s on block are E2L75, 89 AND 52 Casting #'s on heads are C3AE6090D, 2B27 Ford "Sidewinder" aluminum intake C6AE4921/J Pistons are TRW L2298 .030 Le Mans style rods with 12-point cap screws 428 crank...
  2. Wow, is this thing working????

    New member Introductions
    I made it, the password thing kept me at bay..... Oh well here I am, Hello to peeps i know and the ones I dont HELLO.... Miss all my boating peeps....
  3. Good thing to check

    it's good to check your Magnaflow water pump every few years, I noticed a little water coming from the weep hole so I thought I'd get into it and check it out. Good thing as the bearing on the engine side was almost frozen and the bearing on the impeller side was…… well as you can see, basically...
  4. HELP a ditchpump guy do the right thing

    I'm looking for a alum oil pan and pickup for a v-drive, new or like new BBC...
  5. What's this thing really worth? 19 ft tahiti jet

    Jet Boats
    This thing is 15-20 mins from my house. Haven't called the guy yet. From the pictures and description, WHAT'S IT WORTH? Wouldn't mind having a second boat. 1981 Tahiti tandem axel 460 with headers berk drive 19' Tahiti 460 jet boat
  6. The Russia thing

    Political Rhetoric
    What is going on in this world? First the Russian take charge in Syria (as a way of getting the US out of it because we want to be isolationists), they roll into the Ukraine and basically took it and the Germans are the ones leading the charge. I've think I've seen this on the History channel...
  7. Any thing decent out there for SE class Boat

    Any thing decent out there for SE class Boat? Looking for a full race rig of not just a hull.
  8. Yokohama does "the right thing"...

    PB Open Water
    As some of you may know, I had an issue with a Yokohama LT tire on my 09 Silverado. The tire suffered a major tread separation and before I could get the truck stopped there was significant damage done to the inner and outer RR fender.. I went back to the Bullhead "Big O" dealer where the tires...
  9. That thing got a Hemi - Craigslist find

    PB Open Water
    I spotted this on Craigslist, this guy is parting out this old tub but check out the engine(:)eek(:) I wonder if this engine would be worth picking up for a future flatty restore... Parting Out Old Woody...or Trade?
  10. Never heard a thing ?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    The Owner of this engine says it started missing then he "shut it right off" ... any opinions from you gearheads as to how/if one exaust valve seat that came loose can cause this much havoc in a supposed "split second" , these are two of 4 affected pistons (shared plenum/runners) my...
  11. [SOLD] Few thing for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Holley Blue w/ Regulator used for about 10 trips. decided to go with a manual pump. sold Lecarra wood steering wheel with hub adaptor- SOLD K and N Velosity stack- $50 obo
  12. This thing is bitchin

    600+ HP Drag Boat Run - YouTube
  13. One thing Jet boats are good for

    PB Open Water
    Video - Breaking News Videos from
  14. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is....

    PB Open Water
    Robbery victim wants to thank Good Samaritans who came to his rescue | Houston I love reading stories like this....
  15. any idea what's going on with this thing?

    Biesmeyer V-Drive Flatbottom
  16. All MSD gear, every thing you need at HALF the price for BBC

    Parts for Sale
    MSD 6Al, Crank trigger, crank trigger distributor w/crab cap, #8980 timing retard, and #8676 retard selector, and MSD coil. The 6AL, distributor and crank trigger have 11 hours of run time on them. The 8980 and 8676 have never been used. They where mounted but never run -6AL has multiple rpm...
  17. Probably did a really stupid thing last night

    PB Open Water
    Last night at about 9:30 I was in the living room watching tv w/ my wife and 10 month old. All of a sudden the dogs started barking like I've never heard before. I turned down the tv and we could here some dude yelling in the street. He was saying "please don't kill me" and "give me one more...
  18. I just realized Carter and Obama have another thing in common

    Political Rhetoric
    Both of them, President Carter and President Obama lost Ambassadors, targeted to be killed, during their administration You have to love foreign policy incompetence. You have to love the disconnect between the commander in chief and the Ambassador based on his journal obtained by CNN. There...
  19. one thing ive come to realize.....

    WFL Crew
    One thing i have come to realize.........its ALWAYS the littlest things that do the most damage........whether it be in if you arent'll pay the price sooner or later...
  20. One thing always leads to another

    Jet Boats
    It truely is a desease as you go to do one little thing like change the oil and almost two weeks later you are still dinking around doing little projects on the boat that ran perfectly fine last season. It goes like this: Memorial Day is two weeks away, I better get busy and change/check the...