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  1. Stupid things

    GN7 On the Dyno
    From time to time we all do stupid things for our own stupid reasons. Well here in the Miller family we have one of those reasons. We just pulled the engine out of my brothers 75 Chevy blazer that has over 400,000 miles on the ticker. The engine has about 250,000 on it. Well we have an open...
  2. Three Things About Islam

    Political Rhetoric
    Pretty accurate from what I have witnessed.
  3. WANTED..need a magnito and couple other things

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a couple things to finish my barron sprint need a magnito. 16+/- tooth gear for my steering assembly under the dash currently have a 12 tooth gear tades?. Maybe a 12"post if anyone has one too. Circle boat style drop through turning fin. Drop through fins that go on the cav...
  4. Changing things up a bit ....

    I realized that the BA deal was more work than I wanted to deal with ... Also I'd like a little lake use out of my motor so .... I'm changing things up and plan to be back on the water this season !
  5. My how things have changed....

    New member Introductions
    Hey guys, been a few years but im clawing my way back.....Mike Cline back in action. Not building much rite now...But do have some new projects coming up. Been doing restore work more then anything. My TR-2 molds are in parker at dragboats unlimited. Still have the wesco and deaver hydro molds...
  6. [Question] Critical things to check when buying a V-Drive

    So I've been around boats off and on most of my life, but never owned a flat. Now that I have the money and I'm actually out looking at them, I realize that I really don't know what to check on a v-drive boat. I mean, I know to check overall condition of the hull for any "damage". Also, to take...
  7. few more things

    Parts for Sale
    trimetric with cable 130.00 clay smith fuel pump and edelbrock relocation kit, worked when i removed it 130.00 bbf ski tow 40.00
  8. Buying my first boat! Need some things.

    Jet Boats
    Settled on an open bow Commander. Should be a decent ride. This will be my first boat, and my wife says its about time we got our own ride to the sandbar. Been around jets all my life. The new boat has a fundamental problem. The guy who ordered from the factory ordered it with a hand...
  9. Been a while..hell lets get things off to a good starts with ring ding ding

    Michigan Hot Boats
    sorry boy n girls...thought we could have some fun..wrong i guess..good day
  10. Learned a few things

    Political Rhetoric
    I wish this was all a bad dream.
  11. Anyone here proficient in physics that can help me make sense of a few things?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Trying to understand a few things. First is a Radian. In reading the Wikipedia page on it... The radius of a circle, in engine terms would be half the stroke, as the connecting rod journal axis creates a revolution, it makes a circle. A 4" stroke will create a 4" circle and the radius of...
  12. The things that make ME say HHmmmm...

    Political Rhetoric
    Have you ever sat and wondered why the Democrats/”progressives”/Liberals are so bent on breaking laws and kicking our Constitution/Bill of Rights/Declaration of Independence to the curb??? I sit and wonder this every day, this wakes me up at night and keeps me up for hours… WHY are they such...
  13. Brief summary of how things are.

    Political Rhetoric
    Cut and pasted from another site. Seems spot on. As far as the democatic party goes, I understand that they want the upper class/rich to be more accountable and to contribute more to get us out of this mess, all the while continuing to provide assistance where needed to keep a safety net in...
  14. Why some American things should just stay American

    PB Open Water
    Had this video sent to me of some top fuel gig overseas. Seriously, what are these people thinking? Just by the way they started the motor you could tell they had no clue. And then they go about risking some peoples lives.. geeez AUTO LEGEND 2012
  15. Why some American things should just stay American

    Had this video sent to me of some top fuel gig overseas. Seriously, what are these people thinking? Just by the way they started the motor you could tell they had no clue. And then they go about risking some peoples lives.. geeez AUTO LEGEND 2012
  16. [Video] Things went wrong during the filming of Speedboat Racer

    I'm sorry to have to announce this, but due to "over hydrating", the latest episode of Speedboat Racer will not be posted till next week. Again we apologize to all of our supporters and hope you tune in next week to follow Speed on his inspections for invasive species....Till next week, hope you...
  17. wtb couple things for my 77 sanger hydro

    Parts for Sale
    respect to interested in an airscoop and a splash guard for my hydro,,,i do like the scoop bulletfiberglass somewhat of a newbie here so thanks...just for g.p its a 502 scj bbf with weaned high rise with two holly 650s thanks again
  18. Things are starting to shape up, about time!

    Political Rhetoric
    New curbs on voter registration could hurt Obama - Yahoo! News A must read!
  19. [SOLD] BBC heads/ manifold and other things

    Parts for Sale
    Though i would try my luck on here with this stuff All parts located in West Covina , CA Prices + the ride I have a set of BBC Rare 1966-1967 3873858 396-427 heads J25 and I145 are the casting dates. Fresh Mag,Fresh valves fresh valve springs ect. SOLD One BBC Holley strip dominator intake...
  20. Larry Sinclair, Obama, Coke and a few other things

    Political Rhetoric
    So where was the Media over the Sinclair/Obama trist :no: Media Won't Ask Obama About Sex Issues | Western Karsten