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  1. Happy Thursday all you Turkeys

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
  2. May 12th (Thursday) Dinner at Giustis

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Have a friend that saw an episode of diners, drive-ins and dives where Giustis was featured and asked if I knew about it. He has not been on the Delta so we are going to go for their Italian night special. Any one else interested?
  3. Thursday Night Football....

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    My daughter.... Airman Brianna (which many of you have met) will be representing the USAF and presenting the Flag during the National Anthem ceremonies for the NFL Thursday Night Football game between Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow night!!! Proud Dad! :wink2:
  4. Thursday is take out the Trash day!

    Couple of us are running on Thursday a.m. I'm testing new gears. Bryan is still testing fuel,system stuff. No lake patrol on Mon--Thu. Anyone wanna come out? Safety in numbers I say! Jocko
  5. Throwback Thursday

    Let's start with little Jocko. :)
  6. Tow rig Thursday or Tuesday

    PB Open Water
  7. Need room at Bluewater for Thursday and Friday

    If anybody cancels a room would you let me know...have very good friend going from Nor Cal and he's not computer savvy.... Call me or PM me Mike 208 863 2975
  8. Great Thursday night entertainment...

    Political Rhetoric
    Boy, it doesn't get much better than this...... I'm not sure about Ted Turner's political ideals, (I always thought he was a bleeding heart liberal), but the TMC, (Turner Classic Movies) Channel hit one out of the park on Thursday night...On a night when most of the sheeple were watching the DNC...
  9. Keystone, thursday nites

    water and weather are fine. a few boats last week and the week before.
  10. Need ride to Havasu Thursday - 1-person/1-way only

    PB Open Water
    Anyone driving out to Havasu from Orange County, or close by tomorrow late afternoon or evening?? I have a good friend needing a ride to come help out with the Wozencraft Card Stop #1 @ DS. I'll drive him back when I leave. Please respond back or give me a call if you or someone you know can...
  11. Thursday!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Things are getting HOT for Holder,DOJ and the ATF. I feel the dodging the questions and lying to Congress are going to come to an end beginning Thursday.Grassley is not going to drop this and rightfully so.The agents that died from this disaster deserve better than sweeping the story under the...
  12. Thursday nights-Keystone lake

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    I have a few pics from last night, I dont get a chance to go very often but I guess I need to start making more of an effort. Anyway here are some pics
  13. NFL season opens Thursday; Saints and Packers

    PB Open Water
    Finally the season is here. Anybody going to the game?
  14. I put my dog down on thursday

    PB Open Water
    We had to put our golden down on thursday, he was 11 years old and trying to fight cancer.He fought it for 7 months and finally lost. He will be missed. Thank you Big Max for the best 7 years. I LOVE YOU BOY!!!
  15. Thursday at Needles

    First off, the people that I met were awsome:)devilRick King my hats off to you for helping me get my my boat tuned up and running stong, second Thank you Jerry for all the help, Thank you Conner for the tow and you Billy for letting him tow me, all in all it was great I wish I could of stayed...
  16. Thursday and Friday

    West Coast - South
    Who's up for some mid day runs Thursday and Friday? I need to blow off some steam, so I'm going to go up both days for a few hours!:)devil I'm thinking 10 - 2 or 3 both days.
  17. Phoenix lunch meet up on Thursday or Friday

    PB Open Water
    Phoenix lunch meet up on Friday Who's in? Desert Ridge? Yard house @ 11:30. So far: BW Jordy 2Driver Rolin20's Steamin Rice Mbrown Poontoonbabe Chico&Zeus mardonzi A table is set up at 11:30 for Power Boat or Corey Condit. See you guy's and Gal there!!! If you've got beef with...
  18. Chuck Norris Facts for a Slow Thursday Morning!!

    PB Open Water
    Did you know: CNN was originally created as the "Chuck Norris Network" to update Americans with on-the-spot ass kicking in real-time. And: Chuck Norris drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls. And: When Chuck Norris was denied an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's because it was...
  19. My grandfather is trying to get to the 100 mph club on thursday

    So check this out. On thursday April 3rd, my grandfather will be turning 100 years old. We have arranged with the Guiness Book for him to set a world record. He will be driving a car at 100 mph along with a boat at 100 mph on his 100th birthday. Should be pretty cool.
  20. Thursday is a tribute to Yogy Bear day

    PB Open Water
    If you agree put a "hey boo boo bear " at the end of your post