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  1. exhaust tip replacement

    I'm pulling the muffler tips off and wanted to put on some standard non-muffled tips Should I make up a round rubber gasket or just use some kind of silicone to seal it?
  2. [SOLD] Offshore style exaust tip w/silencers

    Parts for Sale
    GIBSON Offshore style exaust tip MUFFLERS 1/2 PRICE WILL CLEAN UP NICE NO RUST REALLY CLEAN INSIDE.......$250​......sold clean right up in 2 minutes.....
  3. Trumpet/Bell style exhaust tip for 2-7/8" hose

    Parts for Sale
    Trumpet/Bell style exhaust tip for 3.5" hose In pretty good condition. One of the studs needs to be replaced or can be used with out. The hose size is 3.5, not 2-7/8. I have the rubber flappers that can go over them. Make me an offer. Asking $50 for both obo. 714-222-9253 Robbie
  4. old TT exhaust tip help

    Jet Boats
    I got some used Harman logs off ebay, they also came with the tips which I wasn't planning on using but these Harman logs are 3.5" and my current hardin logs and tips are 3". I want to use the harman ones, they look waaay bigger on the inside compared to the hardin setup. BUT the studs that go...
  5. Need a set of transom tip block off caps

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a set of transom block off caps for blocking the holes for logs thanks Rob Ontario ca:shock::captain::p:))THumbsUp
  6. Wear pattenr on valve tip

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I pulled the V/C to loosen rockers for a timing gear change and noticed this . The roller tip chewed into the rocker body and left this odd pattern on the valve stem . Is the bow tie pattern OK ? or should they be straight ?Unfortunatly I didnt check lash prior to pulling rocker .
  7. Solyndra- "tip of the iceberg"

    Political Rhetoric
    Check out these numbers. "Sunpower", a solar energy company. $1.2 BILLION in Gov. energy loans. 15 total permanent jobs. 39% drop in stock value in 12 months. Loan approved on LAST DAY of eligibility. $36.6 BILLION in total "Green energy loans", 74% going to solar outfits. 3 have...
  8. TIP - Drink Coffee Before or After Boating

    PB Open Water
    I thought I was all stealth and shit taking little sips here and there on the way to the island Saturday. Well see if Oxyclean and my Miele can save the shirt..... Not only did I end up looking like a Stephen Hawking fingerpainting - somehow I now have more chins than a Chinese phonebook, and...
  9. Thru-hull exhaust tip lengths

    Jet Boats
    Does anyone have a clue what the difference is to running long thru-hull tips ( 8-10") VS maybe (2-4") tips? Is there any difference other than the tone changes? Is there a advantage to running one vs the other?
  10. Push Rod length/valve tip pattern...pic!

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Below I used my stock length 3/8" (8.280 ?) 'intake-pushrod' on a exhaust valve. How's this for a wear pattern? My guess it's a tad too short ? It favors the intake side of the valve tip but not by much. ALSO... what will it do when I add 1/4-1/2" turn preload for the hyd roller, move even...
  11. Best Boat Show Tip

    PB Open Water
    To save money and alot of YOUR time.. Take one of your soft side coolers, pack it with beer or your favorite cocktail and walk right in. Been doing it for years and SAVES a ton of money Side note: Did not do it this year..... BUT MY BUDDY DID
  12. Do you tip your guys?

    PB Open Water
    Do you tip your mailman, garbage man and meter readers? If so, how much? Cash? Gift cards? Case of brew? Nice bottle of Crown?
  13. Tip Up Town

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Anybody want to do a MHB get together at TUT this winter? I know we got some sled riders on here. Chet, Scott, Amato's, how about it?
  14. I tip my glass in respect...

    PB Open Water
    Ladies and Gentlemen....the great Robert Mondavi has died. :(
  15. Transom tip flap replacement?

    User "How To" Section
    I've got standard exhaust tips thru the transom with a flapper inside of them. The flapper has a pin going thru the center of it which looks like it presses into a brass bushing in the tip housing. I need to replace the flappers and cannot figure out how to get the flappers loose. Do I use...