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  1. Chrome Wheel & Tire Package

    Parts for Sale
    For Sale Brand New Trailer Chrome Wheel Tire Combo - Quantity 5 Sell Individual or as set Located San Diego, CA These are brand new tires and chrome wheels mounted balanced and aired ready to go on a trailer. I went with aftermarket wheels on a new trailer build and no longer need these...
  2. Had another tire go down, 2nd in 2 years, what should I replace them with?

    Two different boat/trailers, but I am annoyed and wanting a good quality tire to replace the tired shoes. I checked pressure and inspected tires before I left on Monday last week and trailered the boat approx 185 miles then gave them a visual before heading back and lost a tire about halfway...
  3. Trailer tire load range question.

    PB Open Water
    Am I correct in this? My boat and trailer weigh about 5,000lb. Can I subtract my tongue weight then divide by 4 to get my minimum tire load rating? Obviously I would need to add in a safety factor to that number.
  4. Trailer tire advice needed

    What brands, type(radial/bias) and size are are most of you using on your tandem axle road trailers for your flat bottoms. Thanks for the information and time.
  5. WTB 14 60 series tire.

    Parts for Sale
    Need 1 or 2 tires 60 series good condition for trailer. WHAT have you got local near Beaumont. Getting ready for new years elsinore!!!!!!!!!!
  6. [For Sale] Aluminum wheel & tire

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
    Not sure of mfr, 14x5.5" aluminum wheel with Carlisle 205/75 14 trailer tire. Tire shows no wear but rubber shows weathering. Wheel has one bolt hole opened up, presumable for wheel lock. $30 obo
  7. Trailer Tire Pressures - What are you runnin?

    PB Open Water
    Did a search but nothing on pressures. I have tow masters that are 3 years old, on 25 howard bullet - it is stored indoors all year in San Diego. I picked it up today to bring home to Orange County and got a blow out - I have maybe 2,500 miles on them - home from Tahoe and back and forth to...
  8. Tire Chains 30X9.5X15 Socal

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I have 4 chains for 30 x 9.5 x 15 tires. Little rusty from sitting. I realize it's not a common tire anymore, not sure what else they might fit, might go on a 235 75 15. Good chains, I used them for snow and mud in my Wrangler. They are the kind with the v/bar in the links. So they go...
  9. Tire Size

    PB Open Water
    I have a triple axle trailer with tire size ST205/75R14, so with that being said my question is, is it possible to change them over to ST225/75R15? Has anyone done this?
  10. WTB used tire changer

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I'm looking for a manual or air used tire changer. Can be old as dirt. I don't care. Thanks Bill
  11. tire spin update

    Jet Boats
    Here is a video when I take off. You can hear I have to feather the throttle some to keep from getting that tire spin feel. Is there anything you notice on take off that could help. I smoothed out the intake. Replaced o-ring on the clean out and changed the packings on the shaft. I have the...
  12. Tire kickers

    PB Open Water
    Just wondering how my fellow performance boater comrades feel about them..."tire kickers, [email protected]$ters, wannabes".....when it comes to selling stuff. In this case my boat.....Twice now, had peeps come by and I can tell by their bs and persona that they had no intentions to buy my boat....and when...
  13. 235 85 16 Goodyear Tire good condition

    Parts for Sale
    Goodyear truck or trailer tire, good condition, $95 plus $25 fixed shipping, will take paypal. This tire has only about 4000 miles on it. PRICE DROP!
  14. [For Sale] Off road tire bonnet tie downs

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
    Brand new heavy duty p/n 30RT-BK tire bonnets They retail for 61.95 each I have 4 and will sell all 4 for 125 plus the ride
  15. [For Sale] off road tire bonnet tie down

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    Brand new heavy duty p/n 30RT-BK tire bonnets They retail for 61.95 each I have 4 and will sell all 4 for 125 plus the ride 30RT Double Adjustable Tire Bonnet w/Ratchet Fits 13”-17” Standard OEM Tires & Fits10”-22” Wide Tires 3,333 lbs Working Load Limit The bk is for the color black...
  16. [For Sale] BRAND NEW BIG O offroad tire cheap!!!!

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    315 /75 R16 Big O brand never mounted or never used. 35.00$ cell 352 266 1457 buyer pays to ship.
  17. Trailer tire help

    PB Open Water
    I have an extreme trailer with 235/60/15 tires which I'm hearing are low profile and tough to find for a trailer. Anyone run into this problem with an extreme trailer or have any ideas? I'd rather not have to cut and raise the fenders just to fit a trailer tire.... I've also been told that...
  18. Trailer tire in Yuma?

    PB Open Water
    PB ers I enjoyed my first day out on the lower river until my wife was dropping the trailer in the water and realized I had a flat tire. Need a new one, considering replacing all four if the price is right. Can anyone recommend someplace in Yuma that wont screw me over? If I have to call AAA...
  19. trailer tire

    PB Open Water
    looking for a good yet cheap trailer tire?
  20. 99 durango TIRE ROTATION ? HELP

    PB Open Water
    99 DODGE you rotate tires front to back same side or or SWITCH SIDES