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  1. todd from TRG

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    does any body have a # for him im looking to flow coat my floor thanks
  2. Congrats Todd Ebert wraps up division 2 2014 QE run for the ring

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    Looks like he has enough points to remain in the lead regardless of the last race! 2 in a row. Great job guys!
  3. Todd Haig...New Catalina King

    He won his 12th Catalina ski race yesterday passing the old record of 11 wins set by the legendary, and local hero, Chuck Stearns and he did it in a blistering 46m 36 seconds! Not to diminish the new record, after all it's the skiing that counts and not the boats, it should be remember that...
  4. Newt on Todd Akin comments... :)

    Political Rhetoric
    SO, ole Newt was in STL yesterday for a little senate seat campaigning (against Claire M.) and said the following about Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" slip of the tongue... "If saying something dumb disqualifies you, Joe Biden couldn't be Vice-President," Gingrich said Monday. hil:) Know...
  5. Todd Akin Part Deaux

    Political Rhetoric
    Another Lawmaker Urged to Resign: Minnesota Dem. Solicits Sex With 17-Year-Old at Rest Stop the Posted on August 21, 2012 at 11:21am by Mytheos Holt (Excerpt) “We‘ve got to keep in mind the bigger picture and we’ve got to move forward, we can’t just sweep it under the rug and hope...
  6. Todd Akin...

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  7. Condolences to Todd Taylor on the passing of Rocko; most famous dog in boating

    PB Open Water
    Todd lost Rocko over the weekend. Rocko was around 16 years old and had been part of our community for a long time.
  8. Todd Haig wins World Water Ski Championship for the USA in Belgium!

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    Once again, Todd Haig from the USA has won the World Water Ski-Race Championship in Brussels Belgium this past weekend. Sponsored and pulled by the owner of Nordic Boats, Mr Randy Davis, Todd also won the Catalina Ski Race 2 weeks ago. Below are a couple of photos of the winners on the podium...
  9. TRG todd

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    your sh*t is broke, call me.
  10. Todd Haig and Kim Lumley win the Catalina Ski Race Again!

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    America's Todd Haig and Britains Kim Lumley win the Catalina Ski Race this morning. They've both won it before several times. They're the best! Keith Sayre Nordic Boats
  11. [email protected] trg

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    your voice mail is full like always :)sphss call me homer
  12. Hey Todd!!!

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    Your voicemail is full... Call me! Flipped the boat tonight using two engine hoists.. Talk about being nervous... weird feeling seeing your boat 8ft in the air and spining it, hoping that everything goes ok! Welp here it is flipped! I found these on both sides of the boat and about 4ft...
  13. Hey todd

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    Your camaro looks like mine.:)devil
  14. Hey Todd (TRG)

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    Gotcha........:D Glad to see Juzzy saw it your way :D, Cool to literally see the whole family in the family truckster.Even Tiger fit in well.
  15. Got a call from Todd 969 last night...

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    For what it's worth, I am friends with Todd and Dana, and don't personally believe he was behind the banning. He assured me that it wasn't him, and didn't know what happenned. He also said that his "position" as uber-moderator was only meant to control manufacturer bashing and delete some...