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  1. What will Colin Kaepernick do tonight......

    Political Rhetoric
    In my opinion...he is using the wrong format to present his complaint...Don't tarnish the national anthem that stands for men and women that have died for this country I believe he should stand his ass up like the men and women that stood up for him, to which some died doing so, in order that he...
  2. Trump Killed them tonight

    Political Rhetoric
    You screw with the bull sometimes you get the horns. The GOP just couldn't just let it be and play out and now look what's about to happen. If he takes Indy (up by 9% now) it's over.:)hammers
  3. ANYONE Near Clovis Ca.??? that can meet Harold Kindsvater tonight?

    ANYONE Near Clovis Ca.? got it covered for now thank you NM got it covered
  4. Who wins the Series tonight and why?

    PB Open Water
    I'm routing for KC in this one. Just curious if anybody else was watching?
  5. Lucas drag boat racing tonight, 9/27/2014

    PB Open Water
    From Chandler, April 13, 2014 - Pro qualifying, 1800 hrs, Direct TV channel 214, MAVTV.
  6. Lake lowel tonight

    West Coast - North
    gong to take the boat up a lake lowel tonight any body else up for it
  7. Check us out on Alaska Fish Wars tonight on NatGeoWild

    PB Open Water
    We changed fisheries from a shore based gillnet fishery to an offshore "drift gillnet" operation this last year. I opted to hire a skipper to run the boat for me while my son, his buddy and myself acted as "crew" on our own boat and learned the ropes without damage to life or limb! :) I had...
  8. Well, tonight the Son-In_Law

    PB Open Water
    Leaves to go the the big sand box again, for the 5th time. Three times in Iraq and this will be his second time in Afghanistan. Just continue to pray for this men and women serving our country. I can say I pray for them almost every day of the week. Sad thing is, just like so many others...
  9. Free UFC tonight...

    PB Open Water
    Some good non pay per view fights tonight on fox... I'm taking, Rampage in his last fight for the UFC. Gotta go w/the hometown Jackson trained fighters. Cowboy Cerrone Dodson...for the title. Guido And former LSU football player Jackson.
  10. 2012 World Finals on TV tonight at 6 pm NBC sports

    Jet Boats
    Should be good!
  11. A New Turd Followed Me Home Tonight!

    Jet Boats
    New turd for the Wolfie fleet to go with the kids Sleekcraft and the wife's Sundance.
  12. Utah cheated out of a TD tonight

    PB Open Water
    No I didnt have Utah but had the over and they got robbed with a BS offensive pass interference call in OT. I am so :)bit
  13. Bill Clinton's Speech Tonight

    Political Rhetoric
    So, do you think that at some point Billy boy will help derail Obama's campaign in some way? He has to know that another Obama term will facilitate a republican president in 2016 and probably 2020. Do you think Bill will sink Obama so Hildabeast can have a chance in 2016?
  14. Late night TV tonight........

    Political Rhetoric
    You get Jay Leno with Bill Maher........ :)bit OR You get Letterman with the first WOOKIE!!! :)hammers Fucking pathetic! :no:
  15. Glendora Flashback Car Show Tonight

    PB Open Water
    Who's goin? :)
  16. Watch N.A.S.A. T.V. Tonight

    PB Open Water
    As the people who know me know that one of my sons is with the Navy Seals, the other one works for J.P.L. he is in Pasadena watching the Mars Rover landing tonight. He thinks besides watching it online you can see it on Directv channel 346 the N.A.S.A. channel at 10:00 pacific time. Kinda...
  17. Marble lake races tonight

    Michigan Hot Boats
    come on out and enjoy!!
  18. Headed to willow valley tonight

    PB Open Water
    I will be out in willow valley this weekend so if you are in town feel free to come by and say hi
  19. Driving Home Tonight!!

    PB Open Water
    The Fabulous Thunder Birds!! Tuff Enough!! I can say if you do not Love and rock to that Music,you are :confused: I wish I had the skills to post the video of Tough Enough and others from this Bad-Ass Rock Band and a member of a family of rock legends Jimmy Vaughn and if you do not know the...
  20. Bought a new toy tonight 1980 Hallet 21 ft Daycruiser

    Been away from the boat scene the last few years since i sold the Flatty... well i got the itch again and went n picked up a 1980 Hallet 21 ft mini day cruiser v-drive with a pump gas blown 468 chevy in it with a th400 trans .. boat is in amazing shape and has less then 3 hours on a full motor...