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  1. NASCAR tony stewart dumb ass

    PB Open Water
    NASCAR tony stewart he (accidently):)Unsure kills a kid last yr spend 1/2 the season out for a accident comes back to being a horrible driver then he announces his retirement at the end of 2016 season crashes a dune buggy and will be out the first 1/2 of this HIS FINAL season...
  2. Tony Maricich ?

    I read this morning, in my Fire Service Newsletter - In Memorial section - Los Angeles City Fire Department - the passing of Fire-Fighter (retired) Anthony M. Maricich. I believe this to be the "great SK driver" of the 1960's/70's, Tony Maricich. If so, we've lost another legend of "boat...
  3. tony costitino pics

    looking for pics of his alchol flat capsale boat looked all over the net could not find shit thanks:))THumbsUp
  4. Tonys Day

    Happy birthday TONY !!!!
  5. Paging Fathead (Tony)

    Tony, Check your PM's Thanks, Mike Barnes
  6. Congrats to Tony and Shannon , Baby Girl !

    Tony Applegate Well Shannon delivered a 8.24 pounder with dual intake,single exhaust with grey blue runnin lights. Named er Sarah.
  7. LOTO Shootout Pics by Tony Scarlata

    PB Open Water
    Pontoon Outerlimits - 125 mph 93 mph Skater - 150 mph 101 mph 153 mph 79 mph Doc Janssen drag race 105 mph 180 mph
  8. Happy birthday tony scarlata !!!!!!!!!!!!

    His Birthday is tommorrow So have a great day Tony
  9. Tony Applegate

    Tony is Air Design. No offense here " Chief" , but, man this guy is really talented. Design, drawing, fabrication, welding, bodywork, paint, air brush, murals, pin stripe, whatever needed,,, what doesn't he do and what doesn't he do 1st class ? Amazing ! They can cnc machine most anything in...
  10. Special Thanks To Tony Skagen

    Jet Boats
    Some of you already know but I had My Eliminator Daytona 21' boat at Skagen Boats for some up grades over the winter, Full Pump Set back, low profile intake,pre-impeller, AFR heads, New cam,lifters, Profiler T-ram with 750 dominators. pretty much skagenized, I finally got to run the boat since I...
  11. HUGE Congrats to Tony Charamonte

    PB Open Water
    He was the first boat to the first card stop in the M31 DCB w/ 1350s. I heard he was running deck to deck with Gary Smith's Predator (40' Skater w/ twin 1,550s) at a buck-eighty when Gary had a mechanical problem and slowed just before they reached the card stop. Tony's gotta' have the biggest...
  12. Tony Lukes

    East Coast - North
    Comming to Balmore.......can't wait!! :)devil:cool: Find the Best Cheesesteaks in Philly, NJ, and overseas - Tony Luke's - The Real Taste of South Philly
  13. Tony Scarrelta has a big ball

    After watching Tony get back in the seat and driving the K-69 again has added to my respect of the man. How many people can get into the seat after having a major crash and try to do anything. Much less racing it. At Puddingstone he was allowed 1 safety lap in the morning and then went out and...

    So you figure all the shit Tony talks, you might think he would have been at the SCOPE EVENT! Chris and Alexi were there to rep PERFORMANCE BOATS, there was another magazine there but we don't have to bring it up. It was good to run into some old members from the HOT BOAT DAYS.:partyguy: Shannon...
  15. Hey tony....

    What the story with the tip of the shazam boat :shhh:
  16. Congrads Tony Leaman, NJBA 8.0 High Points Champ

    Congrads to Tony on winning the 8.0 high points championship. :)devil Cool to see a V-drive back on top in the most competitive class in NJBA (IMHO). The hard luck story here is Tom Bandy, #2 in points coming into this race, blowing up his motor and getting spit out of the seat. Rough way to...
  17. Tony Scarlotta in a TFH next year??

    So the rumor mill starts, just like in Nascar, drivers are getting ready for the switch to new teams or even moving up into the cup series. Boat racing is no different, At the event last weekend Tony was spotted sizing up the "surroundings" of Eddie Knox's Problem Child Top Fuel Hydro. Tony was...
  18. So Tony, No more Flats ?

    So it's on to Top Fuel I see. A new Outrigger. Nice.
  19. Tony Leamon

    Paging tony Leamon
  20. Went for a ride in Tony Sopranos Escalade.

    PB Open Water
    Have a friend that purchased the Escalade that Tony drives during the Sopranos series and most of the items from the three sets that HBO filmed at. I was considering buying this suit of Tony's from season 4 for my new career in Hollywood. :)bulb Did get one fine pistol when Tony kills Big...