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  1. Mercruiser Scan tool

    Other Stuff for Sale
    This is a like new Mercruiser 94050M Scan tool with a 94006 PCM-555 Adapter and a nice case.. Scanner was only used a couple of times. I paid over 450.00 Will take 325.00 obo..
  2. Cam degree tool

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Made this for a Std and Tall deck BBC, thinking about it for a SBC and LS ?
  3. Mercruiser Scan Tool Brand New

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Mercruiser Scan Tool with adapter #94014 & adapter #94021 for diesel engines. Great tool for checking quick engine diagnostics. $325 Shipped
  4. Mercruiser Scan Tool Brand New

    Parts for Sale
    Version 6 Mercruiser Scan Tool Brand New. Includes 94005 adapter which works on MEFI 1 through 4 computers. Great tool for checking engine codes and solving simple problems. $375 Shipped
  5. Truck tool box

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    Excellent shape. Shocks on lid both work like new. 4' 8" x 20" x 20" / 80.00 Murrieta, CA. (SOLD)
  6. WTB Vdrive bearing puller tool.

    Looks like I'm going to need to get a Casale split case bearing puller tool. If anyone has one of these that they no longer need and would sell please PM me the info. thanks Update: Disregard I got one !
  7. Place diverter nozzle angle tool

    Jet Boats
    Does anyone sell a tool /spacer so you can square to the nozzle bushing to use an angle finder to set the nozzle angle on a place diverter FTN ?? I can make 1 but if they're cheap I just thought I would buy 1 ??????????
  8. [For Sale] RC Traxxas Spartan Snap on Tool Edition

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    Traxxas Spartan Snap on Tool EditionI have a USED Traxxas Spartan (Snap On Tool Edition) It has the Castle VXL-6s components. I bought it, to use as a "rescue boat" but it does not turn to well at low speed. So it has to go, this boat has been run two times by me. Once on 4s and once on 6s, it...
  9. Stainless Tool Box

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    Top and Bottom Stainless Hammerhead Tool box, it is in excellent condition, It was bought for 850.00 3 years ago and has been sitting covered up in my storage. Comes with two keys, approx 63" tall with lid closed, 48" across and 18" deep, No scratches or dings on the front/sides/top/bottom...
  10. Using your smart phone as a tool

    Jet Boats
    I use my smart phone often as a tool for tuning my boat so I figured I would share a couple of my secrets and see if anyone else uses any other useful jet boat tuning apps. I use the app “bubble” on my Droid X as a level and angle finder. It is handy for finding ride plate, nozzle angle etc in...
  11. Mercury Four button diagnostics tool

    I'm looking for a Mercury outboard Four button diagnostics tool. I have a DDT with all the fix ins but I would like this for on the water tuning. please contact me if you have one for sale. Billy Kosick 847-587-5553
  12. Boat tool tray kit

    Jet Boats
    We are offering thease tool trays as a kit for hydros,flats and jets. they hold two sets of spark plugs,tools or just about anything you need for maintence on your boat. tools, magnetic strips sold separately. pm for prices and details.
  13. Boat tool tray kit

    We are offering thease tool trays as a kit for hydros,flats and jets. they hold two sets of spark plugs,tools or just about anything you need for maintence on your boat. tools, magnetic strips sold separately. pm for prices and details.
  14. What tool did Bush need to fight terrorism...

    Political Rhetoric
    that the FISA court wasn't providing ? Why did Bush need to go around the FISA court ? Please discuss this issue only.
  15. Merc scan tool

    Parts for Sale
    Looking to sell or trade my merc scan tool. I got this for my 496 and it will work on most all of mercury motors with the right plug. But i only have the one for the 496. Not sure if it will work on the 525 with the 555 ecm??? I'm really after a 28 to 30 p bravo or a oval flame arestor for a...
  16. [Wanted] WANTED tool box for my truck

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    i need a locking tool box for my truck.i want one that fits inside ..Not one that sets on the truck bed but inside only and not higher then the sides...anybody got one laying around before i buy new black plastic one...
  17. Combustion "diag" tool

    Jet Boats
    Got to really use my new "mini" bore cam on this "oil burning" 460 Ford today , saved a lot of time and tear down Owner says "yeah its running a little rough , lacks power and she's blowin some oil out" the last pic is thru the Piston hole lookin at the con rod ;)
  18. Boaters Tool Kit

    (hidden) Offshore Tech
    I'm looking to put together a good tool kit for my boat. Does anyone have a list of all the tools that would be needed for most repairs. IE, size of nut drivers, allen wrenches, hose clamps, sockets, ect. Thanks
  19. template tool?

    Jet Boats
    Any of you remember those toys where it had a bunch of pins and you would put your hand on it and it would maybe a mold of your hand? Anything simular in the tool word but flat for making templates of curved things? I just attempted to use playdoo, it worked ok but i want somthing alot more...
  20. snap on tool box

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    snap on tool box with tools i paid 7500 for the box alone plus all the tools i havent opened this in over a year im thinkin everything might be about 9 k lookin to trade for something like a side by side i have cash to give also or truck or thanx brandon 909-208-9485 i can email more pics