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  1. Havasu and Topock about to be devasted by Eco terrorists.

    Races and Boating Events
    Here we go the Eco terrorists are at it again. Now they want to make it no wake from Topock to Havasu to protect the wildlife. Yeah right! Just more control and running people out of places to enjoy themselves. It would take 3.5 hours with no wake to make the trip. Pirates and Topock say it will...
  2. [Question] Topock to Lake Havasu and back. has anyone done it?

    West Coast - South
    We are planning on going to Topock (Pirates Cove) this summer for the first time with the boat. Is it possible to drive down to Lake Havasu and back safely? I've heard it's shallow in places?
  3. [Question] Topock open yet?

    PB Open Water
    The wife wanted to take the truck up to the new resort at Topock, but I haven't seen anything to tell me it's open. Has anyone seen anything?
  4. Topock construction

    PB Open Water
    On our trip upriver today, we glanced over at the location of the former favorite boating destination, Topock Marina. They were working away on it, welding steel framework, had some concrete poured, and it was looking much better than I'd seen in a long time. There were at least two locations...
  5. Topock DUI check point

    PB Open Water
    Did anyone get the pleasure of driving through it on sat? It was a complete cluster f***! They dinged my buddy for blowing a .082 and 5min later he blew a .079. Sucked
  6. Whats the latest with the new Topock Resort??

    PB Open Water
    Is there any news with the new resort, cant seem to find anything new on it. Does it still look like this??
  7. Topock Gorge before the N0 WAKE Zone

    PB Open Water
    Finally fould this little clip from back in the 200x, before the no-wake zone. Glad they finally made the change as it was both damaging and dangerous out there, especially on a Saturday like this...:)hammers Topock Gorge - August 2005 - YouTube
  8. Topock Marsh ?

    PB Open Water
    Anybody hunted ducks there?
  9. News article update on Topock Resort

    PB Open Water
    Major Resort Planned At Topock | AZ-Independent
  10. OUI/BUI checkpoint at Topock....

    PB Open Water
    I guess this was all the arrests they had????? If so it seems the deterrent factor did the job???? Yes, no? Tuesday, June 30, 2009 1:12 AM CDT OPERATING UNDER THE INFLUENCE (OUI) CHECKPOINT, WATERWAYS - During a multi-agency OUI checkpoint, Mohave County Sheriff's deputies arrested the...
  11. a few Topock pics for ya from today...

    PB Open Water
  12. Topock Fire

    PB Open Water
    Here are some shots of the Topock area fire from this morning roughly 8:00am.
  13. topock run

    PB Open Water
    anybody doing that this weekend, would like to follow someone up being that i have only been to the sandbar once, just dont want to lose any moving parts..:D. go there for breakfast right??
  14. checkpoint in Topock

    PB Open Water
    Did anyone else get pulled into the checkpoint yesterday by the gas line in Topock? Long story short i had all of my safety equipment and i passed the beathalizer, 0.01. I had 3 beers spaced out through the day. It looked like alot of people were getting arrested.
  15. Fire near Topock on Sat?

    PB Open Water
    We were hanging out at Park Moabi on Sat and could see black smoke coming from the Topock area. Does anyone know what was burning? I hope it wasn't the docks again.
  16. Map the enterance path in to/out of Topock

    PB Open Water
    Last year I made many trips in to Topock and never hit, although a couple times I was on the edge of my seat looking down (:)eek(:). At that point I figured it was worthless to look, by the time I saw anything it would be 200 feet behind me :D I've followed a couple boats through the mounth...