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  1. PB Open Water
    Hello all, I bought this sweet rig almost a year ago with the intension of pulling a boat with it. Well I think I've finally found the boat and I'll be going out to Lake Havasu to look at it next weekend. If I like it, I'll be buying it and towing it home. It would be a 26' day cruiser...
  2. Tow Vehicles
    Anybody tow a 26' daytona with one?
  3. Jet Boats
    Anybody have a good source for a towing cover? I'm in the Temecula/Corona area. There's a shop down the street from mine in Elsinore that wants $1000, not sure if that's ballpark price these days or not. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Tow Vehicles
    Has anyone towed a fifth wheel with a short box chevy crew with a tool box in the back,can you leave it in or do you have to take the tool box out?
  5. Tow Vehicles
    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a 1980 26' day cruiser. They are heavy boats, somewhere between 6500-7000lbs depending on load. I need to buy a tow vehicle and I'm looking for input. First off, this will be the wife's primary vehicle. She will not drive something as large as a suburban or a...
  6. Jet Boats
    Anyone here ever pull their boats with a Wrangler?
  7. Michigan Hot Boats
    Has any one pulled there fifth wheel and boat at the same time?
  8. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    So tomorrow Ill be crossing Donner towing the boat... Im not real excited about the sand/gravel.... So my question is whats better.. tow with the cover on or off?? its a tow cover that has tie downs every couple of feet to tie it to the trailer...
  9. West Coast - South
    Be very cafeful if you need a tow from this outfit> unqualified driver wrecked my trailer............And charges me $370 for a 50 mile tow..................
  10. Tow Vehicles
    pulling my jet boat, 19ft tunnel, with the bed loaded, I have a bad vibration at highway speeds, 65ish, i can drive out of it, whole truck shakes, you can see the dash vibrate, feel it in the seats, i just put in new u joints, trailer is new, maybe 500 loaded miles on it, truck is a 98 Z71, i am...
  11. Tow Vehicles
    Anyone have any pics of scary loads they have seen on the road?
  12. Tow Vehicles
    We are getting ready to move soon. Sold my truck months ago. We have a 1994 Ford Explorer Limited with the tow package on it. Reciever under the bumper, trans cooler, etc. We have towed the quads on the small trailer before, but now I am in a state of having to move. We live north of the bay...
  13. Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    -2004 Sequoia -107,XXX miles -4 wheel drive -automatic transmission -cruise control -front and rear AC Controls -muli disc CD -cassette player -dual and side airbags -ABS and traction control -dual power seats -roof rack -fairly new tires -everything works great!!! -minor scratches and dents...
  14. Jet Boats
    may pick up a nissan frontier with the 2.5 L engine (4 cyl.) Manual trans. would this tow a standard issue 18' jetboat/ trailer without brakes at least acceptably ?
  15. Boats for Sale
    Is anyone going East from the Texas area that could tow a boat. Would help pay for gas of work something out to help with the expense. Nothing is final yet but would probably be next week sometime. [email protected]
1-15 of 47 Results