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  1. Tpi

    PB Open Water
    does TPI still build engines?? he hasnt posted in a while
  2. Parts for Sale
    TPI Engine complete with headers, New Mercury Bravo 1 HD gimbal and Max Machine works drive. Engine: fresh 2008 565C.I. BBC with only last years Howard regatta time on it I’m going to say less than 5 hours (the longer this takes to sale the more gentle hours that will be put on the engine)...
  3. PB Open Water
    Not trying to start crap. I need one of those TPI hood scoops that Gary sold. Does anyone else sell them or do you know who made them? Thanks
  4. Gray Water Storage
    Court date today (preliminary hearing) was postponed until this Thursday at 1:30. No charges were read today and no plea was entered, although George and I both did see Gary, Gary's mother and a few other folks that were obviously there in support of what/whom I believe the prosecutor to be.
  5. Gray Water Storage Heard he's done from our FD here in Simi as well as everything else too..
  6. Parts for Sale
    I am listing the following engine for sale because my customer is upgrading to an "exotic" motor from TPI. He loves this engine, and he is doing another one similar but more exotic. I do not like forum gossip, so thats all that needs to be said regarding that part of it. Just being honest.This...
  7. Parts for Sale
    Out with the old and in with the new!:)Due to the fact that I hate clutter and I sell mostly new parts, I figured I would sell the following used items. These are expensive parts that I have no use for. They are the kind of parts that the performance do it yourselfer will love: 1. Large Teague...
  8. Gary Taylor
    With this season winding down I am already starting to think about next year. I think it would be pretty cool to start off the year with a TPI regatta. It would sure be cool to see all of the boats that Gary has worked on in one location at the same time. Maybe a TPI regatta/ Desert Storm combo...
  9. PB Open Water
    This is an unbelievable boat. It's a 2008 Revolution Performance marine(RPM) 26 Redline Cat. The boat was built this year with a TPI 848 efi and a Max Machine Worx all billet drive. The customer brought me the boat last week to have the 3.3 liter Whipple exchanged for a new 5 liter Whipple W305...
  10. Gary Taylor
    Hey Gary, Just curious -- what would you prefer to run? The 848 or a new TPI with the 5liter Whipple detuned to 900ish? Seems like the detuned motor would barely be working -- increasing longevity. Thoughts? Thanks, Patrick
  11. Gary Taylor
    Here is a new and hopefully fun thread to check out. Howard has laid up another hot 2008 28 Sportdeck. This thing looks fast just sitting there. The owner has opted to run a custom made TPI W305 efi motor. It will be de-tuned to a conservative level UNDER 1000 hp. This particular motor might...
  12. PB Open Water
    Here is a link to a pretty good shot of a fast Howard 28 Bullet. This boat runs pretty easily to 114-115mph. It's kinda comical That our Buddy Don tried to sit backward and film at over 110 mph. He decided to turn around. The boat is pictured below. It has a TPI 1100 efi quad Rotor...
  13. Gary Taylor
    This seems like an appropriate place to post this project. One of my customers purchased a gorgeous Ultra 27 Shadow in 2007 with a 525. After one season he has decided to upgrade to a TPI 848 efi. We all want to go faster:) I am confident this will satisfy his desire. Anyway, this seemed...
1-13 of 13 Results