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  1. Other Stuff for Sale
    Kubota Model: L5030 HST 4X4 Purchased new in 2005 has a total hours of 2158.6 Engine Replaced in 2011 due to a customer deciding it was good idea to run gas instead of diesel 271 hours since install of a completely new motor from Kubota and I have the receipt. 72" Front Bucket, 72" Rear...
  2. Other Stuff for Sale
    My dad wants to sell his tractor. It has a hitch in the back. $3K It hasn't ran for about a year, but when he parked it in the garage, it was running. Front left tire is a flat
  3. Other Stuff for Sale
    I have a 1957 Ford 800 tractor I would like to sell. We have had it for over 20 years and don't use it anymore. When we bought it, we rebuilt the motor and put a new clutch in it. It has brand new rear tires and the fronts are in good shape. PTO worked great when parked. About 4-5 years ago it...
  4. PB Open Water
    A friend of mine and I are driving back from New York City yesturday. Talking on the CB radio like we have done for the last 15 years. All the sudden he starts to scream that he has hit a car. I look in my mirror to see him pushing a car down the road. Then his truck turns sideways and jack...
1-4 of 4 Results