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  1. Trash bin

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Alright, so my brother and I threw together a little 350 to go in our latest project. We had a Chevy block, and old set of Iron heads lying around and a crank so with some parts we were able to throw together a decent little SBC. We were looking for something that would not hurt itself, so we...
  2. White Trash, movin' on up.......North!

    Just sold the White Trash flat made famous by Tony C. I've had a great time running it this past 1-1/2 yrs. The boat actually just sold itself....didn't have to advertise it. Struck a fair deal with NorCal racer Travis Hill who will surely put enough HP into it to be a fast runner at CFW. This...
  3. Thursday is take out the Trash day!

    Couple of us are running on Thursday a.m. I'm testing new gears. Bryan is still testing fuel,system stuff. No lake patrol on Mon--Thu. Anyone wanna come out? Safety in numbers I say! Jocko
  4. Your azz or Trash...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Anyone interested in these old albums sets...FREE Your azz can either have them or there off to the trash...text or call me 707 758 3203
  5. Magnum Runner Bottom "White Trash" FOR SALE

    Boats for Sale
    Need to make room in the garage, going to sell this flatty minus motor. Magnum Runner bottom heavy lay up completely gone through spring of 2013 every part came out was was replaced or refurbished by Don Mumma, all plumbing/wiring is super sano and simple. This boat is as simple/clean rigged as...
  6. Teens trash Vacation house and Parents are defensive ?

    PB Open Water
    If this is a repost I appologize in advance, been watching this story unfold , but the Home owner (ex NFL player) had his Home trashed by a party of 300 teens Apparently they boasted /Tweeted and bragged about it the owner went on the web rant and campaign to get justice Guess he reposted pics...
  7. What Do Havasu Vacationers Do With Their Trash

    PB Open Water
    I am buying a vacation home in Havasu and I am curious what vacationers do with their trash? It does not make sense to me to pay for trash service and put the cans out on the street Sunday night and leave them out for days or weeks until I return to town. Thanks for your input! Dennis
  8. New Shine for the Trash

    Purchased the White Trash from Tony, was in great shape but needed to make a few changes for different power including moving the v-drive forward and checking the strut to work with new v-drive location. Had Pattymelt build a new mill for it from one that was grenaded last summer. He did a...
  9. [SOLD] White Trash BAF For Sale

    Boats for Sale
    I am posting this up for Tony: FOR SALE WHITE TRASH BLOWN ALCOHOL FLAT!! BOAT: Magnum Runner Bottom, 795 lbs bare,1 1/8” shaft, I-Beam strut, Casale V-Drive with 57 gears, Grose Racing / Canyon Marine Cavitation Hardware with billet 9/16” turnbuckles, Stainless Blast Plate, Imco Stainless Fuel...
  10. Taking out the trash

    Jet Boats
    So I guess the time has come to depart with the crashed up Kona. I have been holding on to it and telling myself that I might fix it, but that was just a fantasy. It is time for Me to just put it to rest and move on. I need to remove My intake and some misselaneous hardware and then it will be...
  11. Trash Talk!!

    PB Open Water
    I don't understand the members over on rd's coming in here and stirring shit and talking trash?Thank God our owners of this site don't post threads of eating a burrito an pooping like a Russian Race horse. RDP"S =Mickey Mouse Club.Honestly at times I feel the members there are close to the Jim...
  12. GoPro aboard ''WHITE TRASH''

    Tony C. taking Bryan Moreland (CP PISTONS) for a couple of burn-outs at IrvineYouTube - ‪The Ride‬‏
  13. Most corrupt state: Louisiana ranked higher than Illinois

    Political Rhetoric
    Most corrupt state: Louisiana ranked higher than Illinois - This is NOT a news flash. Do your self a favor and do NOT waste your money going there for any reason.
  14. Az governor gets" Birther Bill" and trash cans it.

    Political Rhetoric
    Even Az Gov. Brewer sees the birth issue as too dumb to put her signature on! Vetoed! If Brewer will not go with it, I do not think any other Govs will either. Looks like Trump is all the Birthers got left.
  15. trash at the river....

    PB Open Water
    I would like to kick whose ever ass left huge piles of trash down river on the arizona side from McIntyre Park. We drove down river monday to chill and as we floated by about 3-4 miles south of McIntyre park we saw many trash bags and crap on a very deserted beach...... WTF.... About a year...
  16. So is this salvagable or trash???

    Jet Boats
    This is what I found today when I took off one of the heads. I don't even want to take the other one off. #4 and #6 had 0 compression that's what led to taking it apart to find this. The head is definately toast. There is a nice crack between 4 and 6. If it is salvagable then I will be in the...
  17. more trash from obama...

    Political Rhetoric
    Has anyone else read this bullshiat?WTF I don't get it.Our goverment should take much better care of our Veterans,on it's own dime.If we can feed and house the lazy,we can certainly take care of our Veterans :|err...
  18. Trash in DC

    Political Rhetoric
    Trash in DC ( Besides the Politicians) I could not f--in believe all that litter left on the ground.:mad: Can you imagine if that was a Repub. Do Ha-Ha. The media would of been all over it. Look at the trash!. But not one comment from the media. I hope all you left-winged liberals are proud of...
  19. White Trash at Aha Quin

    Jet Boats
    It may be just me but I have seen allot of "White Trash" at Aha Quin. Thanks Tony. :)
  20. Speaking of white trash

    PB Open Water
    How is this for upstanding citizens