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  1. More trouble for obamacare? Thank democrats everywhere for this mess.

    Political Rhetoric
    The hits just keep on coming. Judge rules for House GOP in ObamaCare suit
  2. 21 Rayson Major Trouble

    A huge congrats to my buddy Cole Noble on the purchase of his first boat and a bad mofo at that. I can't wait to see him and his pops Mike get this thing together and run it a while learning the boat and see him out there on the course with us eventually tearing it up! A huge thanks to Armen for...
  3. Trouble cooling 455 with neovane?

    Just curious if anyone has had trouble cooling their Olds 455 with a neovane pump. I took my boat out for the first time yesterday and got a little hot. After a 10 minute cruise, the temp reached just above 210 so I brought her in and shut her off. Let her cool for a while and tried again...
  4. CHIPs in trouble over Photos ?

    PB Open Water
    California Highway Patrol officers accused of stealing nude photos from female arrestees California Highway Patrol officers accused of stealing nude photos from female arrestees | Fox News
  5. Having some trouble with math - throttle body

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I was brushing up on the Corky Bell book and it states you want 300ft per second but I can't for the life of me figure out how this relates to the CI of the engine, or the amount of boost. What am I missing here? Aesthetics wise, I would like to do 2 throttle bodies mounted in front of the Gale...
  6. You decide if we are in trouble . . .

    Political Rhetoric
  7. Little trouble at the River awhile back!

    Ya, someone caused a minor scuffle after failing their sobriety test! :)handBunch of wild Outlaws Bobbie!! :rolleyes:OMG! Cuffs a Little Tight?
  8. Promoter for big wake weekend in trouble

    I heard on the news today that the promoter for last summers big wake weekend was in trouble with the law. Thus may effect the event at Camp Far west, I think the same company is promoting it.
  9. Another California Dem In Trouble?

    Political Rhetoric
    Imagine that! California state senator in trouble for accepting bribes, lavish gifts, no show jobs for his kids in exchange for legislation to help a hospital that's already in trouble for billing fraud. But these idiots continue to elect them!!! Calif. senator charged in big corruption case |...
  10. Anyone else having trouble with the back button ...

    PB Open Water
    On this site now. I have to hit the back button 3 times to get off a page now. 1st time moves up page, 2nd further up page, 3rd time to previous page. I have been watching the advertising links roll pretty fast and long as well. Maybe they're trying to force more looks at the advertising...
  11. is anyone else having trouble?

    PB Open Water
    Posting for the last couple days?
  12. Trailer Trouble ?????

    Jet Boats
    Hey guys i'm redoing my trailer for the Cheyenne and I am having trouble finding the right wheel hubs for it .. The spindle on the trailer has a 1 1/4 inside bearing and a 3/4 outside bearing and every hub I have found fits a 1 1/16 or 1 3/8 spindle .. I was just wondering if any of yal know a...
  13. Anyone else having trouble getting shirts

    Anyone else having trouble getting shirts from these people? I ordered 5 shirts on 6-29-12. Still have not received anything. I have called and every week for the last 5 weeks ( and emailed a couple of times). The response I got was: 1. I shipped those. heard that one twice...
  14. Jet Trouble

    Jet Boats
    I am running a Berkeley JE pump on a 79 wisconsin ski boat. It has a AA aluminum impeller. When I am at a stand still and push down the throttle I get up to about 20mph and the the RPMS top out and I only hold that speed. If I back off of the throttle some the pump will seem to catch up so to...
  15. [Question] trouble shooting old sbc jet

    Jet Boats
    Ive recently acquired a 19 foot jet (horizon) and the boat had been sitting for at least 4 years.anyways after redoing some of the plumbing and a carb rebuild got the boat to run and took it out today for maiden voyage. boat ran good for about 20 min. then started cutting out and finally died...
  16. MSD trouble 468 BBC

    Broke in the rebuilt 468 BBC motor this weekend getting ready for CFW. MSD 6m ignition, msd dist., msd coil. Electric tach hooked to the msd box became erratic and then the motor quit. Started again and went 100 feet, exact sequence happened. Got towed in. Any ideas ? It seemed that the tach...
  17. I Think I'm in Trouble BBF

    Jet Boats
    I started my engine for the first time today. I purchased it used and saw it run before buying it. Its a 460 Ford and was a complete marine engine. I had the carb rebuilt, installed a points eliminator kit, installed new plugs and wires. I can hear a knocking sound that I did not hear before and...
  18. Potus detail in trouble ?

    Political Rhetoric
    Guess when ya hire a Hooker ya cant keep her SERVICES SECRET specially if ya dont pay up ? !:D U.S. military staff face Colombia misconduct probe - Yahoo! News
  19. out drive trouble

    my 1976 sea ray 190 302 v8 runs great and goes in reverse perfectly but refuses to go forward what could cause this? how can i fix it? and what other drives will easily install to my current set up
  20. Another liberal Icon in TROUBLE!

    Political Rhetoric
    John Edwards's Trial Will Showcase a Novel Defense - The Daily Beast I just hope it sticks!!!