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  1. TR or TRS out drive lower half...

    I have a friend looking for a lower half for his outdrive. TR or TRS will work. If anyone has one to sell or has a lead on one, please let me know. Thanks Scott
  2. Mercriser TR not TRS help

    Hi PBer's I am looking to get a spare outdrive for my river cruiser. Got an '84 TR behind a Velvet drive / 454 Looking at a '73 TR that came off a 215 HP Ford with a Mercruiser Tranny. Sweet deal with low hours and outta fresh water. I get prop, trim/tilt rams, gimbal housing etc. Aside...
  3. [Question] 454 TRS Starter

    Mornin', I've never dealt with one of these before so any tips are appreciated. Boat has a newer engine and I suspect it's been cranked over some extra spins due to a poorly functioning choke on carb. Having the starter freshened up and wondered if they need to be set up or shimmed for...
  4. any tr4's for sale

    Boats for Sale
    looking for a turn key cole tr4. im not looking for a project i have cash my email is. [email protected] located in California. thanks for any help
  5. How big a deal to swap out TRS and trans

    Guys, I'm looking at a 1979 26' day cruiser with a 454 and TRS drive. Not sure if the trans is B/W or MercTrans. Not being familiar with TRS, I took to Google and found a decent amount of info on random forums. It appears that while these configurations can be pretty bulletproof, finding...
  6. trs question?

    Will a speedmaster 3,4,or 5 drive fit on a trs gimbal?
  7. Mercury TRS drive gimbal

    Parts for Sale
    This gimbal came of a 21" boat with a stock BBC … comes with everything in the picture … gimbal is tight … everything in the picture 1,500. [email protected]
  8. Bravo and trs parts

    Parts for Sale
    Bravo shift brackets 50 shipped bravo bell housings on engine 100 shipped trs rams 250 shipped trs drive plates 100 shipped trs bell housing 100 shipped
  9. need trs lower gear case

    I have 1977 magnum maltese 28 & need lower trs gear case. help
  10. TRS Drives

    Anyone in Northern Cali work on and have parts for these drives? I have 2 I might redo. If not worth doing is there a easy conversion? Thanks. EVIL.
  11. trs drive

    Bob Teague
    Are there any lower (shorty) units that will bolt up to the trs upper and how much hp will the trs drive handle? Thank You for any input on this drive!
  12. WTB TRS drive

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    i am looking for a trs drive 1.50 ratio right hand rotation for a twin application not sure if there was a diffrene between a single and twin application on the trs drives but though i would include that it was for twins please pm or call 618-920-2827 thanks dj
  13. quick video of my TRS steering slob/freeplay

    is this bad or good range of motion for freeplay? :) no, the boat is not upside down
  14. TRS Complete Standard Rotation

    Parts for Sale
    This came off my Fountain 8.8 . Was working just fine but I grenaded the other side and converted to Konrads. Sorry but the Lathem wingplates are long gone. $1000. [email protected]
  15. Drive/Trans TRS Uppers

    Parts for Sale
    These uppers have some corrosion but are in decent shape overall. Both suffered from broken lowers. $200 each. [email protected]
  16. Drive/Trans TRS Verticle & Prop Shaft

    Parts for Sale
    These are both in great shape They are used but there is no bluing around the bearing surfaces and the splines are straight. $200 for the pair. [email protected]
  17. Looking for TRS Prop shafts

    PB Open Water
    I am looking for TRS prop shafts part number 44-92327-T1 44-92328 I need both if any one has an ideal were to find them let me know thanks :)bulb