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  1. hondo true flat prop

    i finally finished my 76 hondo true flat and on the second time i took it out i must have hit something in the water because my 11.125 by 15 menkins two blade prop got a little chewed up at the outside part of the blades.who would be the person or place i can sent it for repair?i live near...
  2. true flat vs runner bottom

    can someone explain what a runner bottom does for the boat,i have an old true flat but always see runner bottom,s on this site.
  3. Freshening up a 1971 Sanger true flat

    Freshening up a 1971 Sanger My wife and I purchased this 1971 Sanger last August in northern Arkansas. I'm not a metal fake fan but when we saw it we knew we had to have it. It's in very nice condition with the original metal flake and beautiful mahogany floors.The boat spent most of its life...
  4. [SOLD] sanger bubble deck true flat

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    Bought this boat a while back from here on the boards. Pulled motor and most hardware to start paint and re powdercoat of parts. But to many projects now and don't want this thing to just sit and waste away. Selling less motor. But will come with everything else. New tires and bearings on...
  5. Red white and blue !! A True American !!

    Political Rhetoric This could be a reality... I feel the same way !! If you don't like it Don't comment !!
  6. [SOLD] 1972 Sanger Bubbledeck true flat 19ft 454 Project

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    1972 Sanger Bubble deck Flatbottom 18'10 hull (true Flatty) has all original Sanger hardware that was the Upgraded hardware not your typical lake boat.. Has a 454 Engine and Casale 10 degree (Unknown Gears) . Boat has sat a few yrs , Engine turns over, has a Tunnel ram with 660 carbs and 12 qt...
  7. 69 Hondo True Flat Restoration Engine/Vdrive Setup Questions

    Hey everyone, I've been reading and searching away for quite some time to learn as much as I can about rigging my 69 and still have a couple questions I could use more clarity on. Story on the boat is that I bought it from a co-worker of mine who's family changed it over from a drag boat to a...
  8. HONDO True Flat

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    HONDO This one was under cover for years and needs to be brought back to life. I don't know any of its history but with a name like that it would be hard to forget. $2500.00
  9. Under 23' 1967 Aquacraft true flat

    Boats for Sale
    I hate to sell my flat bottom but things came up, so here it is, I'm asking $8000 and I'm very motivated to move this thing, no trades, and I'm in chino hills, so here we go, hopefully I won't leave out anything, the boat is pretty clean, capped years ago, gel has some chips in it, no cracks...
  10. Hondo True flat Craigslist find

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    Found on Craigslist. looks like a true flat, rigging is faded but pretty stout. Whirlaway, braced strut, balsa floor just look dirty, tandem axle trailer. Not to bad for a start for someone.
  11. If this is true

    Political Rhetoric
    State Dept: Review of Hillary Clinton’s emails may wait until after election State Dept: Review of Hillary Clinton secret emails may wait until after election - Washington Times By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, March...
  12. [Question] wash plates on a true flat ?

    im asking this question for a friend........i said yes you can but lets get the prof take on this........ can you put a wash plate on a true flat that never had 1 and hull was not designed or cut out for 1.......? can you grind the bottom of the hull out to add 1 without weakening the...
  13. True or not? just curious

    Read a few times on this website about this being the last year for open cockpits for the inboard "flat" classes. That (APBA) will require capsules on all "flat" classes (K, PS, and SS) next year. Wondering too, since it's APBA being involved, if the SE class will be required to have a capsule...
  14. EO Gun Ban ?? True??

    Political Rhetoric
    Under Executive Order 77306, it states that as of midnight October 1st , 2015, there will be NO MORE SALES of any kind of firearms allowed within the United States. It further states, that all importation of firearms into the U.S. will cease and that of any ammunition manufactured outside of the...
  15. Under 23' 1969 true flat hondo

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    I have my eye on another boat so up for sale is my complete fully rigged true flat Hondo. Boat is a medium to heavy layup, comes with all hardware, plates and headers, drop your bbc in and go. It sits on the original Mr. Ed trailer and it tows great! Lots of new and nice parts in the boat and on...
  16. [SOLD] 74 Sanger Bubbledeck True Flat Project

    Boats for Sale
    74 Sanger Bubbledeck True Flat Project NEED IT GONE give me a price, reasonably. I am selling my 74 Sanger, Medium Layup, to someone that can do what I cant. I bought it as a project and it needs more than I can do right now. I don't have the resources here in the mid-west to do what is needed...
  17. [SOLD] 1969 sanger true flat

    Boats for Sale
    69 sanger 18-10 family ski. Project boat with majority of hardware. Really good shape minor delam on driver stringer under the seat area. Sitting on a trailer for a jet boat but can be made to fit fairly easy. $500 obo need it gone [email protected]
  18. Profound. Simple. True

    Political Rhetoric
  19. Sad... but true!

    PB Open Water
    Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel , "Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land." Nearly 75 years ago, (when Welfare was introduced) Roosevelt said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel...
  20. Democrat showing his true colors in Phoenix

    Political Rhetoric
    Union lackey and true-blue democrat, James Burke, was caught red-handed stealing republican candidate's signs and is found in possession of a whole mess of them which he had stolen recently. Campaign sign snatcher caught on camera - CBS 5 - KPHO