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  1. Attn: VDrivers ! - Free Beer & Rock n' Roll-East Bay Tues. 7/14

    Hey VDrivers, My rock band will be playing our debut gig at the "Wild Vine" from 8-Midnight+. Free Blue Moon Beer on tap (courtesy of the band), no cover charge. Come of down, if you like rock n' roll and make sure you introduce yourself so we can talk hot boats during the break in between the...
  2. O'side Hooters ~ Tues 5/19

    PB Open Water
    $12.99 all you can eat wings on Tuesdays. I'm thinking the usual starting time around 11:30a. Wear comfortable pants. Plan on staying awhile. :D Who's in?
  3. Happy Tues. A couple nice photos to brighten your day.

    PB Open Water
    Have a great Tues!!!!!!:D A couple Performance Boat girls to make the day go by.
  4. Parker last Tues - Thurs

    PB Open Water
    Went out to sell (2) boats and spend time with my daughter on her springbreak thanks to Mondorally for the crash pad - reloaded your Coors Light supply..... Here are some pics, sold the Tige and the 10 Schiada kept the 21 for now.
  5. Taco Tuesday @ Swabbies Tomorrow (Tues. 11/4)

    I'll be at the docks in Old Sacramento by 2:30 tomorrow, then headed up river to Swabbies for "Taco Tuesday" around 3:00. Rain or shine. Any takers?
  6. Is anyone coming from O.c to Havi Tues or Wed.

    PB Open Water
    I need my business cards from the Tustin office.