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  1. Flat Tuesday

    Flat Tuesday
  2. Tow rig Thursday or Tuesday

    PB Open Water
  3. Tuesday Twinkie

    Outboard Church
  4. Greetings from the Tuesday night Crew

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Suck eggs!
  5. Tuesday night at Lucky Peak...

    Jet Boats
    Please read about next Tuesday night...all boater who attend..this is posted on V-Drives also.. Our boats are not as cool as we think they are...I lived the heyday for these boats..thumbs up everywhere you drove them...but not today..they don't even "get us" anymore...we are an annoyance to...
  6. Ode to Flatt Bottom Tuesday

    Aw, the alarm….but I don’t want to get up. Oh, damn it I’ll get up now! Stumble to the bathroom turn the light on, really would like to go back to bed? Wait a minute, something is different about today!! Eyes get wider, smile gets brighter and I remember…….Its flat bottom Tuesday! Enjoy your...
  7. [Pics] Hot Boat Tuesday July 3rd

  8. [Video] Just your average Tuesday

    Jet Boats
  9. TUESDAY= DO OR DIE Day for Holder?

    Political Rhetoric
    Does anyone know if his drilling by Congress is going to be Televised? I really would like to see him squirm.
  10. Taco Tuesday Windmill cove

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Has anyone every been. We should all go before its over someone plan a tuesday and lets try it out..
  11. Lucky Peak Tuesday

    West Coast - North
    We better see a good turn out tonight! I'm looking forward to it! Who's planning on coming up?
  12. Tuesday Night with Speedboat Racer

    Well Folks...another very important message from Speedboat Racer. As our Tuesday nights get underway here in Idaho..we need to all be aware of the safety of our sport..and no better reminder than a short message fron the King of Safety.. We will also be updating this thread through the summer as...
  13. Get together at Lucky Peak Tuesday Night? 6/28/11

    West Coast - North
    OK I'm new to the V Drive arena here in the Boise Valley but have spoken to a few guys and have heard of the "infamous" Tuesday Night get togethers near Turner Gulch on Lucky Peak. I hope that it's finally warm enough and that we are getting it on this Tuesday. Please look for me I will be in a...
  14. Tuesday Night?

    Anyone heading to the lake Tuesday night? Weather is finally cooperating this week. I know everyone has the bug.
  15. Irvine Testing on Tuesday?

    Calling Jim Wilkes... Anyone testing this Tuesday???
  16. Irvine Lake Testing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

    This is Mondays testing I will add more later. Jims customers need for more speed. I will add more pics for mondays testing and I will be out at the lake Tuesday and Wednesday to take more pics to post too this thread.
  17. Irvine Lake Testing Tuesday and Wednesday

    Irvine Lake Testing Tuesday and Wednesday Pics Bounce smiling !!!!!! :) Maximus practising his new La mons start. More to come Tomorrow.
  18. Man it was crowded Monday and Tuesday

    PB Open Water
    this is why we boat during the week roadrunner for breakfast by the dam outside the bluewater infamous pirates cove heading out of the no wake zone going north on parker strip
  19. Hey 'bout Tuesday

    Last year we started a little deal up at our local lake. We call it "V-Drive Tuesdays". Kinda put it out there that we would be having get togethers for our favorite boats and you could come and join in with us and enjoy our little hobby. It's startin to catch on. This Tuesday we should have 7...
  20. Taco Tuesday

    PB Open Water
    Ok who has the best taco Tuesday in the Chino area?