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  1. V-Drives
    Tony and team have been trying to get a test session done before Long Beach. Wade just got word this morning the lake was open again, called Tony and they came right out. The boat looked and sounded great. He was literally the only boat on the lake and actually the glass smooth water was more...
  2. GN7 On the Dyno
    So I have this crazy idea. Been thinking about this FiTech setup for tuning carbs. FiTech Go Tune AFR Basic and Power Adder Systems | FITech Fuel Injection Its cool & everything but I have one more feature that they need to add, and have a call in with one of their engineers to discuss it...
  3. GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a recently purchased Schiada 21 RC with a 555 Merlin III with an intercooled 1071 blower. I am having problems with starting the engine cold. I have added fresh fuel and checked the timing. I haven't verified that the advance is locked out yet. It appears that the timing maxes out at...
  4. V-Drives
    Anyone up for some test & tuning this coming Friday or Saturday? I've decided to build the new project Sanger circle runner as a complete disassemble, paint, etc. over the next year rather than rush a motor swap for this season. So.....gonna FINALLY get the Kelron K boat out for some seat time...
  5. Races and Boating Events
    Anybody know day, times and cost of Test & Tune for this years World Finals. Does not seem to be posted on Lucas site. Thanks
  6. GN7 On the Dyno
    Looking for a starting point on my e85 jet boat for my nitrous.. 2 850 quick fuel carbs on a tunnel ram plate system. under each carb. would like to start out with a 50hp shot 13:1 static I have a retard msd box.. Looking for a safe baseline to start at? thanks
  7. GN7 On the Dyno
    new blower carbs, tune off plugs or dyno? anyone have a dyno near canyon lake? and williing to do it for cheap haha picked up some new carbs for my 540 off craigslist, they were done by CJ engineering with a build sheet and a dyno sheet on the motor, 1080HP on a blown 540 10# of boost i'm...
  8. V-Drives
    First all hello to all, I'm new here but not new to boating. I just got a 2006 Advantage 25' 496HO. I would like to know your experiences or true stories of tuning packages and from who out there does the best? Im looking forward to hearing from ya'll.
  9. Parts for Sale
    Big Block Chevy, 572" ci, Merlin block, Steel crank, H-beam rods, JE pistons, Brodix heads (340), inner cooler, etc.. Twin Eaton Blower-EFI set-up Boostpower model-New valves (INCONEL) and surfacing, new head gaskets etc Pfaff Racing--Dyno'd GT Performance 850 hp 7lbs boostFully loaded...
  10. V-Drives
    Had a successful test and tune on lake tulloch Saturday with our vintage ski boats... First time in the water (since I've owned it) for the Stevens wood deck. Bought it with no engine...And set it up with a small block chèvy with all vintage edelbrock marine goodies.. discovered a few...
  11. GN7 On the Dyno
    Video shot of yesterdays dyno tuning session. Location Pro Marine Lake Havasu, AZ, Engine builder Pro Marine, EFI system FAST XFI Marine and EFI tuning Brian Macy Horsepower Engine made 1435.6hp @ 6000 rpms and 1289.0 ft/lbs TQ at 5000 rpms. The power was still climbing when we...
  12. Propellers
    BBLADES Winter Tune-Up Special Pricing December 20, 2012{Edit} Make a New Year’s resolution for peak propeller performance! Boaters know that propellers are the easiest and least expensive way to improve boat performance and boaters in the know, know that winter is the best time to have BBLADES...
  13. Jet Boats
    anybody heading to the lake?
  14. Jet Boats
    i would like to take the boat out mon to get some more tuning done . any body up for a day at the lake on mon?
  15. Jet Boats
    We have just 4 weeks to the NJBA finals, and only 1 week to register for the first annual NJBA FINALS TEST & TUNE. We need a minimum of 40 boats to pre-pay by October 1st. That leaves you 1 week to get your money in. See you in October.
  16. V-Drives
    We have just 4 weeks to the NJBA finals, and only 1 week to register for the first annual NJBA FINALS (WITH) A FRIDAY TEST & TUNE. We need a minimum of 40 boats to pre-pay by October 1st. That leaves you 1 week to get your money in. Test and tune fee is $150.00 Craig
  17. Outdrives
    first and foremost I want to thank GN7 for helping me get this thing straight. A few carb issues needed to be straightened out and still have to fine tune it but it is A LOT BETTER than it was thats for sure. Installed jet extenders, rebuilt carb, had throttle shaft re-bushed, new fuel log and...
  18. Jet Boats
    Hay guys, On the “V-Drive” page we have a thread going where we are trying to get a head count on racers interested in a Friday Test & Tune @ the October NJBA race. The NJBA has said that we need a minimum 40 boats to get this added to the race. If you would be willing to commit it would...
  19. V-Drives
    Mike is willing to consider a Friday Test & Tune for the October NJBA race. The bottom line is he needs a general idea on head count to determine if a Friday Test & Tune is financially feasible. So who is for a 3-Day race weekend in October? Craig.
1-19 of 47 Results