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  1. PB Open Water
    A Boy Turns Eleven10/26/2015 0 Comments Today was a beautiful day to take a ride on the lake so we did. It’s a mini Fall break from school a long four day weekend. We had plans to go out today because our boy turned eleven last Monday and he got to choose an activity to celebrate his day and...
  2. V-Drives
    Happy Birthday to the oldest of the Lou brothers.... :)sphss
  3. V-Drives
    Tim turns 50 today and I told him no one over 50 that is cool owns or drives a jet boat... so he has some stuff for sales now... He asked me if he could get a senior discount now and I say no but he wont look so foolish buying his Viagra.... :p Happy Birthday old man.. welcome to the 50s just...
  4. GN7 On the Dyno
    Problems today! I went to try and fire up my 454 motor on the stand today and I have an issue. Let me first say that this is the first time I have been in the bottom end of a big block. To start off, I put a new crank in it and also replaced the main and rod bearings. everything else stayed...
  5. Off the Water
    Long story short...I was turning left...two lanes of traffic stopped at light in opposite direction opened up and flagged me through. Man zipping down THE SHOULDER hits me on the passenger side rear wheel and quarter panel. Insurance tells me it's my fault for turning left??? When that guy...
  6. V-Drives
    Happy bithday my friend. Have a cold one for me.:buddies:
  7. PB Open Water
    A Whittier man swimming in the Colorado River this weekend lost consciousness and later died at a hospital, coroner's officials said. Joel Arreola, 40, was with his family and friends around 5 p.m. Sunday when he began having difficulty swimming in the river and called for help. Arreola was...
  8. PB Open Water
    BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz. – An "eternal" flame at Bullhead City's new veterans memorial park that only lasted until city officials received a $961 gas bill has been re-lit following complaints by veterans groups. The Medal of Honor Memorial at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Park alongside the...
  9. PB Open Water
    It's a long read, but the end result looks favorable. I wish the ripoffs would read this and realize they could be next.
  10. V-Drives
    I was watching headline news this morning and they did a piece on a gentleman named Gordon Miller, who turned 100 yrs old yesterday and to celebrate he went down to the delta and drove a boat at 100mph. How friggin' cool is that!? :)devil
1-10 of 14 Results