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  1. A Typical Generous Democrat

    Political Rhetoric
    Texas Democrat Wendy Davis Donated $515 Of Her $235k Income To Charity, But Wants To Redistribute Your Earnings | Independent Journal Review Wow! :)sphss
  2. typical V-drive steering chain

    Parts for Sale
    I had to replace the 2' section of steering chain on my sanger. Found a piece of nos chain at K surplus. I have 8' left if anyone needs a piece. 2' length $15. to your door.
  3. Typical RCL.....

    I can't even do this with a straight face...but here goes.. So there's a company called US Rubber in Colton, CA that sells these floor tiles made of is some cool I would like to do my floor in the office with's called sure step if ya wanted to check it out... Does...
  4. A Typical Repair

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Something we do regularly at the shop. Bearing areas worn down on a shaft or spindle etc.
  5. Typical Thurs Night Drag Boat Gathering

    Jet Boats
    In Oklahoma. Some of the boats mixed in: Infomaniac, LED Okie Dave Flatnu
  6. Typical Self Centered Liberal-> Alec Baldwin

    Political Rhetoric
    What a fucking conceded jerk off! If I were on board, it would have been hard to NOT have popped him in the jaw! :(((((( Alec Baldwin's Outburst "Alarmed" Flight Crew, American Airlines Says -
  7. Typical Holley Jetting?

    Jet Boats
    My Chevy 350 jet boat engine is running lean at the top end. It has a Holley 600 vacuum secondary with 66 primary jets and a metering plate with hole equal to 55 jets. It has a 2.5 power valve and a stiff plain spring on the secondaries. I have never seen a carb with smaller secondary...
  8. Murtha typical dem bs

    Political Rhetoric
    Preferential treatment for his nephew. Huge contracts with the defense department to the tune of 4 million and none of the above were won in a competitive bidding process. No suprise, Democrats = tainted. Why are people ok with this crap???????? If I consistently read about republicans...
  9. typical MoUzEr day.....poor neighbors

  10. Typical Liberal BS!

    Political Rhetoric
    I never would have thought that Arizona would become an example of what's wrong with liberalism. Queen Janet has snowed the Arizona voters into thinking she is a moderate democrat. But her true colors come shining through. She tells us we need to conserve gas. She jams mass transit down our...