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    New union 76 lighted sign 30" trade for??? I have a nib 30" union 76 sign. It has always been boxed but has a few lite scratches and rubs on the face from the bubble wrap it is in. Sticks out from the wall a foot. Paid 325.00 for it and just want my money back as i did not realize how big it...
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    Well, it appears they accomplished their demands.Although hurt innocent merchants and employees. Good Job. NOT:))ThumbsDwn
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    YouTube - ‪Wis. Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony‬‏ Pathetic.:|err
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    Well it looks like the company I work for is folding...and the wife and I are moving to Boulder City, Nevada to work in Vegas! Any fellow boaters out there I contact for local info and maybe do some boating with. Ain't California great! NOT ANYMORE!!! GS
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    This is to all the Marine Mechanics out there: Have you ever been mistreated at your work place? Do you feel that you are under paid for all the Hard Work that you do? Have you ever felt that your rights have been violated? Have you ever been subjected to a hostle enviroment? Do you have full...
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    So I am a foreman for a drywall and metal framing company in Sac and we are an open shop. So 2 weeks ago a business agent shows up and starts hasseling (sp) everyone, so I tell him to get f*cked and get off the job, and after a while he leaves. Next day returns with a buddy who has a video...
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    How about it? :rolleyes:hil:)hil:)