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  1. Political Rhetoric
    This Guy Gets it!:))THumbsUp
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Let's recap what we know for sure should be mentioned about the honest state of our union as of today: * The Number Of Americans That Have Joined The Food Stamp Program Since Obama Took Office: 19.4 Million. * The Number Of People Unemployed At The End Of Obama’s Fifth Year As President: 10.4...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    No surprises here.Union president chows down and snoozes on the job - Pops pills since busting down a McDees chair! Ya cant make this kinda stuff up!
  4. Political Rhetoric
    The IRS scandal? It’s about a union: the National Treasury Employees Union. The NTEU. A left-wing union representing 150,000 employees in 31 separate government agencies, including the IRS. A union that not only endorsed President Obama for election and re-election, but a union whose current...
  5. Political Rhetoric
    Roofers union calls for Obamacare’s repeal The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers is reportedly the first union to officially call for repeal of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The health care law is prompting some serious buyer’s remorse in Big Labor, which...
  6. Political Rhetoric
    Issues again??? What??? The strike just ended and the INK on the new contract isnt even dry!!! Chicago announces mass closing of elementary schools "CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago will close 54 schools and 61 school buildings by the beginning of the next academic year in the country's...
  7. Political Rhetoric
  8. Political Rhetoric
    Anyone going to watch? I can't stand to see him or listen to B.S.:))ThumbsDwn
  9. Other Stuff for Sale
    New union 76 lighted sign 30" trade for??? I have a nib 30" union 76 sign. It has always been boxed but has a few lite scratches and rubs on the face from the bubble wrap it is in. Sticks out from the wall a foot. Paid 325.00 for it and just want my money back as i did not realize how big it...
  10. Political Rhetoric // Media » Forklift vs Coin & Bottle Is this guy Union or Non union???????????????
  11. PB Open Water
    Well, it appears they accomplished their demands.Although hurt innocent merchants and employees. Good Job. NOT:))ThumbsDwn
  12. Political Rhetoric
    Apparently they have until tomorrow night to decide if ever get twinkies again. (havent had a twinkie in 20 years- but I like the cherry pies) The ownership will liquidate the whole thing if they dont come to an agreement tomorrow. 5000 Union workers are holding out and the whole lot of...
  13. Political Rhetoric
    From CBS News....States petition to secede from union I am not surprised....let the games begin!!!! We tried that once...., I hope it has a different outcome.... States petition to secede from union - CBS News
  14. Political Rhetoric
    Seems as usual deuchbag liberal unions are cheating and stealing as that is the only way they know. I'm sure RAM will be along to explaine why this kind of actions is honerable.:rolleyes: Union Dudes Popped For Stealing Romney Signs - Union Members Arrested For Stealing Signs - Fox Nation
  15. Political Rhetoric
    I have friends still without power in NJ and PA. Flipping NJ told non union crews that they aren't welcome. My friends quote " Same thing happened for 911. Any volunteer not certain unions were sent home. I DONT HAVE POWER. I COULD CARE LESS IF THE GUY GIVING ME POWER BACK HAS A...
  16. Political Rhetoric
    My mother in law worked for the Philadelphia airport Marriott. A non union hotel for 30 years. She has told us many stories of being harrassed by union thugs (her words) coming and going to work. She arrived at work before 4 am in the morning while it was still dark and would be harrassed by...
  17. Political Rhetoric
    Well? Here we are....and what have we become as a nation ??? ...Seems it is now every person or group for himself:... "I got mine fuck, the other guy.... We're broke, fuck them. He's white, fuck him. He's black, fuck him. She's a student with loans, fuck her. Gay's want to marry,fuck them...
  18. Political Rhetoric
    Since tomorrow evening the Kenyan will take the podium again and announce another round of half-truths or blatant lies, like he did last year when he announced "The Recession is Over" I thought it might be wise to see some actual numbers to determine just what the state of this Nation really is...
  19. Political Rhetoric
    These are amazing me.. Leading Union Political Campaign Contributors 1990-2010 Democrats Republicans American Fed. of State, County, & Municipal Employees $40,281,900 $547,700 Intel Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 29,705,600 679,000 National Education Association...
  20. Political Rhetoric
    Since when does a man need an organization to validate his worth in the workplace? Is it this the way you demonstrate the value of a union? Hundreds of longshoremen storm grain terminal in Washington -