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  1. [SOLD] Miller CP-300 welder with S-52A MIG unit

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    Miller welder Sold
  2. lower unit for Nissan 140 motor

    trying to help a friend of mine replace his lower unit on his Nissan 140hp outboard. vertical shaft bearing ate its self apart. poor guy just bought this boat "was told by the seller it just had a service" hardly any oil was in the lower unit, and you can tell it hadn't been changed in years. I...
  3. Dominator pump, is this a bronze unit with an A cut?

    Jet Boats
    This is on my Royale, which I'm in the process of putting together on different thread. Just would like some confirmation on this impeller. Thanks, Andy.
  4. ****Imco -2" Lower Unit $2,000****

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    Imco -2" Lower Unit - $2,000 shipping on your dime - clean unit - bought it for a Hallett Vector project, but sold the boat - this is just gathering dust in the garage - got an upholstery job coming up and need to sell this to fund the project
  5. Head unit for Aux In and maybe FM only

    I'm looking for a head unit mainly for an Aux In source via 3.5mm plug. FM would be nice...but not necessary. Will be going to an amp, so it doesn't need to power the speakers. What's my best option for this? Also thought about just running a 3.5mm to RCA plug cord direct to an amp and using the...
  6. Eng. Parts Procharger M3 Head unit for sale - polished

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    $2200 Procharger M3 Head unit for sale - polished
  7. Complete bravo unit for sale

    Outdrives Click on link
  8. Rv ac unit

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  9. Imco lower unit

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Looking for a good place in Northern Califorina that works on Imco lower out drives . The further North the better.
  10. ***Used Imco -2" Shorty Lower Unit**** $2,495.00

    ***Used Imco -2" Shorty Lower Unit*****$2,495.00 clean, no welds or repairs - bought it for a boat that I've since sold - taking up room in my garage LOL! Bravo 1 internals 1:50 1" prop shaft local pick-up or shipping on your dime:))THumbsUp
  11. ****Imco -2" Lower Unit $2,995****

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    ****Imco -2" Lower Unit $2,495**** ****Used Imco -2" lower unit for sale - bought it for my 21' Hallett Vector - sold the boat and don't need this lower unit anymore. Has low water pick-up and Imco chrome cav plate. Great condition!! Sorry for terrible pics!!!:))THumbsUp $2,495 local pick-up...
  12. [Question] need help with place dirverter Hydraulic unit

    Jet Boats
    Installed pump, ran power and lines. Have good trim up movement, nothing on trim down. Trim up, hear the motor, good movement. Trim down motor groans/clicks/sounds locked up. Cracked hose for trim up, plenty of pressure. did the same for the other line, nothing, even had the wife cycle up and...
  13. [SOLD] Alpine head unit

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    UPDATED PRICE- Alpine head unit and speakers I am selling a Alpine iDA-X100M Marine CD Player/USB In Dash Receiver it is BRAND NEW and still in the box. $275 Also forsale 2 sets of alpine type R 6x9 speakers brand new in the box as well. each set $100 (2 speakers) or pay $180 for two sets...
  14. Mercury 2.5 powerhead and lower unit

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    2000 Mercury 280 HP 2.5 powerhead complete with 20" lower CLE gear case. Cowl and pan included. $9500.00 Will separate. Located in Sacramento area. Scott 530-712-5211
  15. Complete OMC 800 I/O unit

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    Ended up parting out the boat it came out of, due to transom rot, now I need to find a new home for the running gear. Selling OMC 800 I/O. This is everything OMC but the engine itself. From motor mount with electric trim, the Chevy pattern bell/mid unit, throttle/shifter with cables, all the...
  16. 2.5 Lower unit

    Parts for Sale
    This lower is a quicksilver remanufactured unit part# 1647-9148r85, it is off a 2003 2.5/150 saltwater motor I bought and was used for a year and a half before I got it. The lower comes with a 17 pitch quick silver prop. $500.00 plus shipping. Ken (619)892-0158 Remanufactured Black 1.871 Gear...
  17. Stock lower unit bullet limits

    As a general rule, if there is such a thing, what would be the limits of a stock lower unit bullet as far as engine height (measuring from prop shaft to pad on a pad vee boat), max speed before blow out, etc.? I realize there will be a lot of variables, but just need a starting point. The motor...
  18. [Question] Lower Unit for Schiada River Tunnel?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for what lower unit would work the best on a 21ft Schiada River Tunnel? Kind of family boat. 540 mercruiser probably 600-650 hp . Bravo 1 outdrive. Lower unit is kind of beat up. Looking to tuneup and install nosecone or look around for a used imco. If I go...
  19. alpha gen 2 lower unit

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    gen 2 lower, have complete drive, lower good, upper bad, owner changed water pump, didn't fill gear lube, lower good, little skeg chip, not bad, $00.00,0b0, in west phx, (Glendale} 602 579 7166, prefer not to ship at this price
  20. ford 460 temp sending unit question

    GN7 On the Dyno
    My temp gauge is not working so i want to buy a new temp sending before i go out and buy a temp gauge. problem im having is when i went to part store the temp sending unit does not match mine, the threading is a lot smaller. Dont know yr. Of motor guessing its same yr as boat 77. Located in...