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  1. Parts for Sale
    I am in need of the gears that go inside a trimetric type cavitation pedal assembly. I actually only need one but I'll buy both if anyone has a set. Thanks, Caleb
  2. Parts for Sale
    CAME OUT OF COLE DRAG BOAT $225 shipped door to door $200 local pick up
  3. Parts for Sale
    I had 3 but there all gone now i need another pm me pic and price..can paypal today or pick up cash n hand .thanx.......mouz
  4. Parts for Sale
    Up/down $175 gas pedal with cable,stringer brace $125 rail kit...w/all the braces $150 transom braces strut braces casale mid plate w/braces $125 cav assembly all lightened rod,blocks,turn buckles,backing plates $200 t-handle w/rod $60 ect ect all + shipping
  5. Parts for Sale
    MENKINS 10 3/4 X 17 1" SHAFT $200 MENKIN 11X16..............$200 UP/DOWN PEDALS $150 + SHIPPING
  6. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a good used up/down pedal with lockout. Tom
  7. Parts for Sale
  8. Parts for Sale
    Nicest used one you'll see...140.00 plus shipping
  9. Parts for Sale
    Up and down pedal assembly thats good and tight not sloppy and worn, chrome has pits but good shape functionally. $125 shipped
  10. Parts for Sale
    Up/ Down Peddle--- Ok shape, anno faded on the box. You can pull out the up peddle and plug it if ur looking for only having a down $50 obo prices dont include shipping and negotiable, want the parts gonnee PM or call/text 661-644-0024
  11. Parts for Sale
    Up/Down Pedal with locking handle. Polished. $200. OBO Located in Garden Grove CA. Cory 714-614-4658
1-11 of 11 Results