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  1. Looking for mild performance upgrades for Eliminator Eagle 236 454/Bravo 1.

    Hello all, I am looking for thoughts/input on MILD performance upgrades for my Eliminator Eagle 236. Engine has 200 hours on it and runs great! I love the simplicity (pump gas & little energy put into it while out on the lake) and reliability of it, and don't want to mess with that! Boat...
  2. Performance upgrades for '99 Eliminator Eagle XP 23'

    Hello all, As stated above, I have a '99 Eliminator Eagle XP 23'. The boat has about 200 hours, closed bow, 454 MPI/Bravo One outdrive. The boat had the EMI Thunder exhaust exhaust installed when I bought it. The boat hits the rev pretty quickly and easily with the 22P prop currently...
  3. What Are Your Upgrades To The TBI 454?

    Tow Vehicles
    I saw another thread on here sorta about it but it went nowhere. I have a 1991 Crewcab Dually with the TBI454 / 4L80E combo. This thing doesn't scream up hills or anything but empty with the shell on and the AC off at 55MPH I can see 17MPG on cruise control and we have done it several times...
  4. Spring to do list... Upgrades? :)

    PB Open Water
    Well for me, motor oil all new, lower unit oil new. Pulling big tubes :)bit to pull valve covers to check lash on the solid cam. Getting Bblades to cut my 32" Bravo and a brand new 36" Bravo:)devil Pulled alternator and had it wrapped tighter, plus lower turn on rpm added a 3rd battery. Pulled...
  5. GM 6.0 vortec upgrades

    GN7 On the Dyno
    my truck is not performing up to par 2005 silverado 2500HD 4x4 4door 55,000 miles no apparent issues but sucks gas like no tomorrow, lacking on performance also. My opinion, i've only owned the truck for 2 years and the performance has just never been what i want. any hardcore LS guys on...
  6. Mercury 850,1075,1200sci engine rebuild & upgrades

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Mercury Racing Engine Upgrade Services - YouTube CALL 877-BPOWER-4-U
  7. Sleek Craft Tunnel Upgrades

    Jet Boats
    I Finally got to go home and work on the water toy. First I upgraded to a 540 Dart block with a Manley rotating assembly. Then I bolted down a pair of Brodix CNC'd BB-1 Heads. Next to come was a Tunnel Ram with a pair of AED 750hp's to fuel the need for speed. To light the fire I...
  8. winter upgrades? changes?

    Jet Boats
    What's every one working on?
  9. Pump upgrades on a gullwing

    Jet Boats
    I have a heavier (2x6 stringers) 18' cp gullwing with a n/a 468 turning an aggressor b about 5350 rpm. I have a fuel issue I am chasing but once I have that fixed I have no intention of going further with the engine. I need to turn my attention to the pump since that's where I feel I can gain...
  10. Last Weekend for Free Eliminator Upgrades

    PB Open Water
    Just talked to Bob Leach at Eliminator -- he's got a serious promotion going on at his Mira Loma factory until this Sunday. For anybody willing to pull the trigger on ordering a new Eliminator, now is the time -- Bob is giving a free carbon-fiber laminate upgrade on any model plus a week's...
  11. 5.7 alpha one upgrades

    Hey guys I am a new boat owner but not new to turning wrenches and motorsports. I just bought a 2000 cheetah 21' open bow with a 250 hp 5.7 alpha one outdrive (pics comming soon). This is my first boat and I think its a good starter. With that said I cannot leave things alone and know Im gonna...
  12. Winter upgrades

    PB Open Water
    Saltwater corrosion on ladder & bolster handles all redone. Now better than new.
  13. Whipple phase 1 upgrades to Mercury 700 sci

    Alexi Sahagian
    I'm buying a 2011 Nortech 4300 with Mercury 700's & # 6 drives. The boat runs about 93 MPH in fresh water. I have heard conflicting comments about adding the whipple phase 1 upgrade. It is my understanding that the ECU changes the rev limits from 5400 RPM's to 6000 RPM's. No changes in blower...
  14. [Question] small block chevy performance upgrades

    GN7 On the Dyno
    i recently purchased a 2000 ultra lx with a 5.7 and alpha one drive (4 blade solas prop w/ 19p). its the 250 hp motor with no mods except a thru transom exhaust i recently built. i currently am running the stock 2 barrel carb. is it worth it to upgrade intake manifold and carb? ignition? i have...
  15. My Carrera Eclipse upgrades

    Jet Boats
    So I started a thread a while back showing all the work I have done to my boat as I was doing it but the pictures were being hosted on a company server which has since been password protected. I wanted to share some pictures of what the boat started like and some of the few things I have done...
  16. [SOLD] 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo {LOTS OF UPGRADES}

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    Have decided to get rid of one of my favorite toys..... Up for sale is my 1999 Eclipse GS w/ Turbo (@ $7000.00 turbo kit)....5-speed manual...It's the 10th Anniversary Edition, which means it has the bigger wing, electric sunroof and originally had OZ Rally wheels. Basically it looks exactly...
  17. Contractors needed for ADA upgrades in Tucson and Phoenix

    West Coast - South
    Concrete ramps, lot striping, railings, restroom upgrades. PM me with your e-mail and what you do and I can send plans. Thank you. Cy [email protected]
  18. 525 efi Upgrades?

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone out there know of any upgrades available for the 525 efi other than spending 15k on a Whipple Supercharger. I'm jut looking for some extra power for a few thousand bucks. Any info would help. Thanks
  19. 06 4 Seater Mid-Travel Rhino Many Upgrades

    Other Stuff for Sale
  20. berkeley jet upgrades

    Jet Boats
    I just bought a carrera jetcruiser, this is my first boat and i was wondering what kind of performance options i have with this jet, and or should i leave it alone?