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  1. Upgrading from Alpha 1 drive to XR drive

    Okay picked up a new to me boat a 99 Lavey Craft 26 Nuera , it has a Alpha 1 drive I would like to upgrade to a xr drive what is needed to make the swap? please educate me, drives are new to me I have been a jet boat guy.......I will be upgrading motor also but want to do the drive first ....It...
  2. upgrading a lower unit?

    Bob Teague
    I own a 2006 22ft Placecraft Deck boat. it is running a 496mag and a bravo 1. As most boat owners I am looking for more speed. I have been looking into engine upgrades but after some more research i found out about the advantages of an upgraded lower unit. My quesitons to you are... Is this a...
  3. upgrading brovo 1 lower unit

    I was talking to a neighbor at the river this past weekend. He seems to know his stuff. Well i was talking about how to get some more speed out of my boat and he had mentioned that replacing the lower unit with a shorter unit would give me a pretty good increase at the top end. I have been...
  4. Will you be upgrading your boat in the next 2-3 years?

    PB Open Water
    The other thread about performance boating got me thinking. How many of you plan to actually upgrade to a bigger or better boat in the next 2-3 years? If you asked me this time last year what my plans were I'd have told you I'm holding out to capitalize on the used market. When the fire...