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  1. Bucket Upholstery

    Who is the go to shop in So Cal?
  2. Bucket seat upholstery and foam

    Parts for Sale
    Selling one brand new upholstery and foam for an 18 inch wide 2 rib bucket seat. Color is graphite gray. $220 shipped.
  3. Upholstery

    Does anyone know of a good upholstery shop near Santa Clarita.
  4. Upholstery????

    Jet Boats
    Need someone in the Phx area that has reasonable pricing and does good work. Need a back bench made and covered as well as need my engine hatch covered. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thx
  5. Upholstery for fiberglass buckets

    Jet Boats
    Hey, I'm looking for someone in nor cal who is great with fiberglass bucket seats, any suggestions?
  6. [Question] Having new upholstery done

    Which is better looking 1', 1 1/2" or 2" pleats in the back and sides of my buckets. What does everyone think
  7. Need pinch seat UPHOLSTERY pics..

    Just got a new carbon fiber pinch seat... UPHOLSTERY shops in Michigan might not have done any of these before.? Maybe they have? I dont know. I think i have made my mind up which shop id like to use, but......... Can you guy's post up a few pics so i can show the shop how they are done out...
  8. Best Havasu Upholstery

    PB Open Water
    I need a new snap in carpet kit for my deck boat. Who is the best carpet/upholstery guy in havasu. Quality work, fair price and most important. Not a flake. I don't mind paying for quality work. Thanks
  9. Looking for an Upholstery Shop in Georgia

    PB Open Water
    Can anyone recommend a good shop to re-do the carpet and upholstery in my dad's 21-foot Laveycraft? He lives in Cobb County, about a half hour outside of Atlanta, GA. thanks!
  10. I Need an upholstery guy

    PB Open Water
    I'm looking for a good upholstery guy , ca or Havasu thanks
  11. Need a upholstery shop in Long Beach, CA area

    PB Open Water
    Time to redo my 21' day cuiser upholstery. It needs some wood work in addition to all new upholstery. I'm looking for a place close to Long Beach. Any help or recommendation would be great. Thanks, Cole Thurston
  12. Best Upholstery guy in the IE

    PB Open Water
    Looking to have my interior seats and carpet done on an older wakeboard boat.. Who is the go to Upholstery guy in the Inland Empire? Thanks
  13. Buying a new (used) boat upholstery question

    PB Open Water
    Looking at buying a new (used) eliminator 236 eagle xp but a little concerned about the upholstery on the open bow. There are a lot of rust colored spots on the white vinyl on the top rail of the cushion. Not sure exactly what it is, can anyone shine a little light on my dilemma and can it be...
  14. help Utah Idaho upholstery guy/shop

    West Coast - South
    what upholstery shops in the Utah area (even as far as Boise if its worth it quality/price)have treated you good looking for something fair that's half way decent ,small /even one man show welcome .some where we can get our projects done and to send our customers who requir upholstery work...
  15. [For Sale] Heck !! Posting again..! 32 ' GOOSENECK RACE TRAILER and Misc. .upholstery TX 19

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Ok PB Boaters...This is my second post..the first went to If I lose you...on this John "Jack O'Hara" 660 438 2528...and I'll email photos and answer what I can ...CANCER FORCES SALE>>> Unfortunarely my cancer has returned and this is probably my last year of...
  16. Upholstery repair in the OC

    PB Open Water
    Who do you recommend for some repair work in the Orange area? The engine hatch on my Stingray needs some work, the upholstery is fine, just the wood rotted in the corner at the hinge, would like to get it fixed before putting the boat up for the winter, thanks Greg
  17. [Question] boat upholstery shops in bullhead city?

    Jet Boats
    does anyone have recommendations for upholstery shops in bullhead city? any real life experience would be awesome too. thanks.
  18. Help find Upholstery guy in Corona or Riverside County??

    PB Open Water
    I was at the Desert Storm street parade and spoke with a guy that did interior and upholstery work for DCB and now owns his own shop. I can't find the business card. He had a booth and custom seats on display for offshore boats. Anybody know who this guy is and how to contact? Thanks!
  19. Boat seat upholstery in NorCal??

    PB Open Water
    Hey all, I have a couple glass bucket shells on order, plan on doing full cover with pockets on the back, and removable seat cushions. Where in NorCal (Redding, or Sac if I need to) would you recommend for having them covered? I also am building a rear full bench that will need padded and...
  20. Car Upholstery

    PB Open Water
    Anyone know who does good Car upholstery in Lake Havasu? Also need a cover made for my boat.