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  1. Norcal Car show For Firefighters

    ​Just thought I'd throw this out there... All donations go to all OUR CA FIREFIGHTERS FIREMANS Chilli-Cook Off and Classic Car Show in WILTON, CA on SEPTEMBER 12th 2015 This is my little home town ----- Any of you Hot Rod guys out there too should sign up for this and bring your cars out...
  2. V-Drivers are boaters too!

    Merry X-Mas you guys. :)hand The Muppets: Ringing of the Bells - Free Online Videos for Kids
  3. Napa Vdrivers ya'll OK?

    Big earthquake near Napa early this morning, hope you guys are all OK. It woke us up here in the east bay but no damage. News shows a lot of damage in Napa downtown.. Thoughts are with you and most of you know how to get in touch if I can help.
  4. V-Drivers Relief

    This is a Friend of mine Gene (Geno, G-Man) Hendrix. This is a picture of him last year at CFW Driving the Hondo Shovel Nose. He bought his first Sanger new in 1961 & Started Racing. He ran Unblown Fuel Flat & Blown Gas Flat probably before they had those classes. In 1967 He bought a new Sanger...
  5. Attn: VDrivers ! - Free Beer & Rock n' Roll-East Bay Tues. 7/14

    Hey VDrivers, My rock band will be playing our debut gig at the "Wild Vine" from 8-Midnight+. Free Blue Moon Beer on tap (courtesy of the band), no cover charge. Come of down, if you like rock n' roll and make sure you introduce yourself so we can talk hot boats during the break in between the...