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  1. Greg Shoemaker
    Whats the best way to vent the fuel tanks on my 19' Daytona?
  2. GN7 On the Dyno
    I tried a few searches and either I suck at searches, which is totally plausible, or I didn't find the answer to my question. I have 505 BBC with a 671, 10qt Dooley pan running 8 qts in the pan, no vacuum pump or evac or VC breathers. My question, is 2 -8 lines coming off the valve covers to...
  3. Jet Boats
    Ok, New to working on jet boats and have a fuel tank question. On my Eliminator I have dual 20 gallon saddle tanks. I am replumbing them but noticed there are no vent lines. Are the flip open fuel caps vented? If they are sealed won't that cause a vapor lock? ry-guy
  4. Jet Boats
    Hey guys. I’m redoing my fuel system and am curious what you all are using for venting of your tanks? I have a 18’ Brendella with two 8 gallon aluminum tanks mounted one on each side of the boat. They’re currently vented thru the flip fills but I want to improve on that so I don’t run the...
  5. Jet Boats
    1) What do you guys do for the bowl vents when using a non-marine carb? Can you buy the hooked vents or do you just run a hose between the two vent and punch a few holes over the venturis? 2) I think I have a sinking float in the primary side, if I do, which type of float material would you...
1-5 of 5 Results