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  1. Revenge "War Eagle" Restoration

    My buddy and I recently bought an old K boat that was named "War Eagle" K-777. We plan to build an SE or 100 MPH class boat with it. It is in the glass shop getting the hull pretty much totally rebuilt. We are getting new floors and are in need of some stuff so we can cut holes in the bottom...
  2. The 2nd Meme War Updates 2017 dankcertified

    Political Rhetoric
    we have taken to the interwebs... The left and the right factions of /pol reddit 8chan and anon rallied against CNN fake news.. more from the front possible legal problems for CNN first day of siege we made progress on all fronts.. the Ctrlleft have started bailing tears from their front...
  3. Civil war didn't have to happen according to trump!

    Political Rhetoric
    :wtf: OK, I had to do a double take when I heard what Trump said about the Civil War, and I thought it was a joke. Maybe someone from the Trump camp can explain the logic behind his thinking? I've been accused of...
  4. Breakfast and a Civil War

    PB Open Water
    Breakfast and a Civil War10/06/2015 0 Comments We couldn’t ask for nicer weather these are the glory days of boating. With the nicer weather comes a flurry of activities along the lakes and waterways. You literally never know what you’ll stumble upon as you dock up at the nearby lake towns...
  5. FOR SALE: 2005 F 16 War Hawk

    Boats for Sale
    One of the rarest drag race boats on the market. This is a F-16 War Hawk. This boat is absolutely in totally awesome shape from one end to the other. Boat built brand new on '05. Boat totally custom built and has won many races in '07 and '08 including Budweiser Nationals and Lake Lou Yaeger...
  6. Jim van Dyke War Bonet and more

    Well I finally sat down and started scaning all of my Jim van dyke pictures I found on ebay. I bought a whole lot of photos and new paper clippings of the War Bonnet, Assadragon and War Eagle. I just saw a couple of pictures on the ad of the Assadragon boat, I think He drove from the mid to late...
  7. Good article on why the west is losing the war on terror

    Political Rhetoric
    Besides the obvious jihadst-in-chief we have. From Link to article Nelson: The Future Belongs To ... Whomever Is Willing To Fight For It | Truth Revolt Attacks by Islamist terrorists grow daily. Their goal is singular and focused. Islam must be the one and only global...
  8. From an / a 83 yr old BLACK war vet...

    Political Rhetoric
    Not sure if this is from an 83 year old war vet? Or just some bullshit off the net,,,, BUt none the less, it gets STRIAGHT to the point!! My Name is William G. Lillas.... I wanted to clear up a few black and white questions and answers. The things I state are facts. They are not downloaded...
  9. Australia morphing into Islamic war zone

    Political Rhetoric
    Interesting video. - Australia morphing into Islamic war zone
  10. The War Canoe ...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    We will be in the Delta Sunday... Hope to see the DLB crew !!
  11. Liberals ramp up war on women

    Political Rhetoric
    Convicted woman-beater Democratic Representative Carlos Henriquez of MA. is currently serving simultaneously in the State House and the “slammer” up in Billerica for beating a woman that refused to have sex with him. Of course the NAACP supported him. heard this on Rush's show today full link...
  12. Sen. Rand Paul talks about war on Christianity

    Political Rhetoric
    Pay attention to the population size of Radical Islam
  13. Some thoughts - War / Guns

    Political Rhetoric
    I'm starting to wonder if the only reason Obama hasn't pulled us out of Afghanistan (See our ROE dictated by him and then tell me why are we there, it's ROE of Failure.) is because gun control isn't in place before our large population of returning and decommissioned "terrorist risks", as...
  14. War Canoe hits a new speed !!!

    Outboard Church
    Bone Stock...112 MPH As Wild Bill says , "It's all in the set up" 32 Hackney 3 blade @ 6350 rpm = 112 MPH 32 Pro ET non lab 4 blade @6300 rpm = 112 MPH 1.62 gear case 20+ pounds water pressure 1" and 1/2 to 3/4 above the bottom
  15. War Canoe 2013 Parker team

    Outboard Church
    So I figured I'd get this thread going a bit early.....especially since the competition wants to know what changes the boat will have for here you go. New tires on the trailer Trolling motor on deck to go with the fishing motor New bow eye New drain plugs Drink holders Rod holders...
  16. SST War Canoe

    Outboard Church
    I cannot express enough how much fun and excitement I had with my team at the Enduro! Also how proud I am of each one of them! Scott, Steve and Wild Bill and Mike did an amazing job getting this boat ready for battle they made all the right calls. Special thanks also goes to Bullhead Bully for...
  17. Scarlata drives the War Canoe .....

    Outboard Church
    What a perfect day...The water was great ...We got it pretty rough with all the boats...:stir: The Scarlata Baptism was by fire...fortunately I had the camera rolling in the back seat. :happy: We will need permission from Mr. Scarlata's legal team to view said video. :duh: Here's a few shots...
  18. War Canoe Parker Team 2012

    Outboard Church
    We will be running a 3 driver team for 2012 at the 50th annual Parker 300. War Canoe : Scott Nolind Big Steve : Steve Nolind Jetboatguru: Tony Scarlata Bad Bait : Wild Bill Smith Crew Chief Scott will open, Steve will do leg 2, Scarlata to close for the roses...:|err
  19. We finally flipped the War Canoe ....

    Outboard Church
    Now the real work begins ... Searching for lost MPH :yes: Who thought we looped it ??? ;)
  20. WAR, this means WAR

    PB Open Water
    Well the cowardly lowlifes crossed the line last night. My truck camper shell windows were vandalized with gang graffiti scratched in with what must have been a ring... This means WAR, and I WILL shoot to kill..... Looks like I'll be spending some sleepless nights out in the bushes across the...