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  1. Boats for Sale
    2006 Warhawk tx19 and Tennessee trailer for sale less motor and pump i am the third owner. Boat is a light top with medium bottom also has balsa floor installed. Full custom alum rail from front of seats to pump brace. Battery sits in the middle of seats along with battery cut off. 23 gal stack...
  2. Boats for Sale
    this beautiful hot rod is up for sale. featured in hot boat magazine some years ago. was built for warrens son i am told. all the info for boat is listed in the hot boat article. 30k is the price. email me at [email protected] if your interested.
  3. V-Drives
    this boat was featured in hot boat magazine some years ago. the presant owner need to clear some shop space. boat is in top notch condition and extremely clean. price is $30k........ anyone interested in this boat email me at [email protected]
  4. Jet Boats
    thought i saw on another forum where owner of warhawk called it quits and was selling the molds.
  5. Boats for Sale
  6. Boats for Sale
    1998 Warhawk TX-19 Built and maintained by Pro Boat in Woodstock, GA Gel coat in great condition, no stress cracks American Turbine jet drive with aluminum impeller, inducer, ride plate, and hydraulic place diverter 468 big block Chevrolet, 9.5 to 1 compression, 10 qt oil pan, forged piston...
  7. Boats for Sale
    Not my boat but I know who owns it. My dad had the exact same boat but different color. Had nothing but problems with it. And it doesn't go 100+... 20ft WARHAWK JETBOAT / 468 CHEVY
  8. Parts for Sale
    tx-21 berk pump shoed and ride plate 17-4 shaft aa bronze agg impeller dps inducer htp straight snoot ftn nozzle hyd diverter rail kit for bbc: plates, bellhousing cover, d shaft cover, driveshaft msd 6al kevlar lay up tandem trailer boat had been in the 130's with blown 540 rides and handles...
  9. WFL Crew
    Heres a few pics
  10. East Coast - South
    what a crew we had and fun danny,monica, JR, Kathy,Hogan, Grant,April,Caleb,Terry, Andy (aka) Bandaid Jr brought the boat down so danny could go to the lake he cant be inside of a small boat the beating could cause him to have serios problems so he had a awesome time, we all had a good time...
  11. East Coast - South
    Mr Warhawk "aka" Danny Ennis is not doing good is waiting on a liver transplant so things right now are not in his favor so if everyone can keep him in your prayers for a donor and speedy recovery, he has been in and out of the hospital every week now for the past few months, he keeps collecting...
  12. Boats for Sale
    I have no time to use this anymore It was only ran 2 times last year and 4 the year before! It is in perfect condition and turn key! runs mid 80s with the 468 chevy 578hp 590 tq the pictures tell it all! trailer is in very nice shape could use some touch up the match the show condition of the...
  13. Boats for Sale
    2006 tx-19 warhawk, its like brand new only has been in the water a few times. Has alot of custom parts made it has a 510 with a 871 and runs on 110 octane all brand new with only a few passes on it. Pump is all blueprinted and tricked out. Has lenco drive line, jetaway and all liquid filled...
  14. Boats for Sale
    2005 Warhawk jet boat. Its a remake of a texas tunnel, bottom is worked and straightened out. Lost power at over 100 mph, and boat went straight. Heavy lay up, Drag or quick lake boat. Set up with 468 chevy. All good parts, never hurt. 15,000k w/ 468 chevy 10,000 obo with no motor...
  15. Jet Boats
    just a heads up - i was notified this a.m. that jim, owner of warhawk boats, winfield , al. suffered a massive heart attack over the week end. he is in icu in a birminghan, al., hospital, i will update tomorrow as i find out his condition, your thoughts and prayers for him would be appreciated.
  16. East Coast - South
    notified this morning the jim, owner of warhawk boats, has sufered a serious heart attack. he is in the icu at a hospital in birmingam, al. not sure of his condition at this time. will advise, request prayers from all.
  17. Boats for Sale
    2005 Warhawk 16'ft jet boat. A Texas tunnel hull that was straightened out / refined. Much safer and predictable at all speeds. Would make a VERY QUICK lake / drag boat. Includes ratchet, Hi-Flow studded Aggressor race bowl, rails w/ BBC engine mounts. 4 Gallon tank, painless fused switch...
  18. Boats for Sale
    2005 Warhawk 16'ft jet boat. Bought new, 400 lb reinforced hull. Berkley pump, inducer, choice of Stainless A - AB - or Bronze BC. Hi-Tech ratchet, Hi-Flow studded Aggressor race bowl, rails w/ BBC engine mounts. 4 Gallon tank, painless fused switch panel, Auto meter gauges, kill switch, pump...
  19. Jet Boats
    any body know anything about these boats? 21' Warhawk,
1-20 of 20 Results